J-Music Stars Performing at the J.E. Live House

Seikima-II & Gibier Du Mari

The J.E. Live House is THE place to be for J-Music fans! This year, Seikima-II, the star heavy metal Japanese band, and GIBIER du MARI with their charismatic singer, Mari NATSUKI!

A demonic atmosphere with Seikima-II…

Created in the early 80s, Seikima-II (pronounced “seikimatsu” and meaning “end of century”) is a legend in Japan!

This famous heavy metal band, known for their unique style and lead by the extravagant singer H.E. DEMON KAKKA, is built according to a real mythology in which the 5 members of the band are demons coming from hell to make human beings their disciples… And what better way for that than music and worship rituals (or concerts, if you like)!

Dissolved in 1999 (at the end of the century) after having accomplished their mission by invading the planet, Seikima-II come together again for 6 months in 2005, 20 years after their beginning on earth. In 2010 the demons start again for a world tour and make a stop at the J.E. Live House, to make sure humanity has been converted! Don't miss this worship ritual!

… and melodious spells with GIBIER du MARI!

The band GIBIER du MARI and their star singer Mari NATSUKI are also at the J.E. Live House!

Famous as a singer, Mari NATSUKI is also known as a dancer, actress, performer, writer… and dubber since she is the voice of the old witch Yubaba in Spirited Away (Hayao MIYAZAKI)!

She became famous as soon as she started her career. Afterwards she worked on many projects, some of them allowing her a worldwide success, for instance in France since she was “French-Japanese Friendship Ambassador 2009” and performed in the conceptual theatre performance Impressionist, at the Festival d'Avignon! In 2006, she created GIBIER du MARI with seasoned musicians, a blues band with hints of pop and rock music, carried along by her bewitching voice!

Seikima-II and GIBIER du MARI perform for the first time ever in France, of course at the J.E. Live House! A delight for J-Music lovers, as well as the others…

japan expo, 11th impact•from July 1st to 4th 2010
paris-nord villepinte exhibition center

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