Magajin, a Gateway to Manga and Anime Style Illustration Is Live

Empowering creator with a power of social translation, to connect east and west.

Sapporo Japan --May. 30, 2010-- Team Magajin, a Japan based start up today announced a launch of, a global community for Manga/Anime style illustration, enabling user to translate their communication happening in the website.

Here is what you can do on magajin:
- User can upload, share, rate, comment on illustrations uploaded.
- Creator can request comment translation if they get comment in foreign languages that they don't understand.
- Translations made from comments will be accumulated to a social dictionary.

Empowering creator in Japan, connecting east to west.
While Japan is known for it's great talent on anime/manga style drawings, language barrier kept them from approaching to overseas. Magajin empowers the creators to present their work to the world, with a power of social translation and social dictionary.

Welcome scanlators!
At magajin, scanlators are not an enemy of manga artists, but rather they can help out the community, and truely contribute to yet to come great works in japan.

Learn alive languages.
Translation in Magajin is very casual and alive languages, nothing like what you see on the traditional dictionary. It should help you to learn lively Japanese, as well as other languages.

Building a social dictionary.
User can define and translate word and phrases. YOU build a dictionary!

About team Magajin
Team Magajin is led by Akiko Naka, Japan native who lives in Sapporo, who is passionate about manga and anime contents in Japan.

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