More Than 10 Million Maple Leaves Collected by Players during Anniversary Celebration

The Fifth Anniversary festivities continue in Nexon America's MapleStory with more than 10 million Maple Leaves collected by players. Excited players have thrown more than 2,000 cans of confetti during this past month of celebration.

The epic battle of desserts between cake lovers and pie lovers continues with nearly 700,000 players fighting the Cake and Pie Boss Monsters since the celebration started. During these battles, players are aligned with either the “Cake” faction or “Pie” faction and work together to defeat the opposite confectionary boss, or defend their chosen team's boss monster, for control of one of four major towns: Henesys, Orbis, Leafre, and Magatia. Prizes for this event range from a 50 percent EXP boost, to mini-dungeon access and more. Players who are members of the faction with the most claimed towns at the conclusion of the event will also have a chance to win prizes like a MapleStory skinned laptop, iPod Touch, Flip Camera and more.

To party with other Maplers and enjoy the prizes being awarded, visit: Join other fans at

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