The Artists of Udon Get Ready to Vent

UDON celebrates 10 years with VENT, an all-new anthology art book

Toronto, ON - July 6, 2010 – For the past decade, the artists at UDON Entertainment have created work that has captured the imagination of fans all over the world, lending their talents to industry leading video game, movie, toy and comic book franchises. Now, get a unique look at the original worlds the UDON crew has always wanted to create and the techniques that have made their work so distinctive in VENT - an all-new anthology/art book.

VENT is a lush showcase of the personal artwork and stories of the UDON art crew, past and present. Inside, their original concepts are collected for the first time alongside brand new tutorials covering their tools and working methods. Featured artists include Attila Adorjany, Jay Axer, Greg Boychuck, Christine Choi, Jeffrey Cruz, Steven Cummings, Omar Dogan, Dax Gordine, Andrew Hou, Eric Kim, Alvin Lee, Leo Lingas, Matt Moylan, Joe Ng, Ryan Odagawa, Saejin Oh, Gonzalo Ordonez, Crystal Reid, Arnold Tsang, Eric Vedder, Long Vo, Joe Vriens, Emily Warren, and Jim Zubkavich.

VENT premieres this summer at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, with an exclusive hardcover edition available only at the UDON booth. VENT will arrive in stores everywhere Sep 15, 2010.

Fans of UDON, comics, video games, anime and pop culture will all find VENT an engrossing new vision marking a decade of top notch illustration.

Link to cover and preview art:

VENT Volume 1

ISBN: 978-1926778099



UDON Entertainment is a Canada-based publisher of original comic books, graphic novels, and art books. UDON's best-known projects are those based on popular video game franchises such as Street Fighter®, Darkstalkers®, Okami®, Onimusha® and Mega Man®. The publisher's ever-growing library also includes English editions of several Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa titles, the anthology art book series APPLE, and the Manga for Kids line for children ages 7-12.

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