Ani Ida Con postponed until 2012

From Ani Ida Con

As chairman, it's my sad duty to report that due to circumstances beyond my control, Ani Ida Con will be postponed untill March 16th-18th of 2012.
We made this descision earlier this month to work on providing the best convention that we can make for our attendees.
It saddens all of our staff to we must do this but we pledge to do our best in our effort to achieve our lofty goals.
We'd like to announce that while in this "turnaround" period we're NOT laying on our laurels but working with great vigor to make our first year very successful.
We're still at the Holiday Inn Boise, and our room rates are $75 for the majority of the rooms with the exception of the Holidome Rooms which are $85 per night.
Second our ticket prices are the following:
Discounted: $15
Limited Edition:$40 (which includes a piece of swag, a meal and a price lock future registration)
These prices are until Feburuary 2nd 2011 where tickets go up in price by $5 and $10 for the Limited Edition ticket until August 9th 2011 when the at door rates go in effect.
Limited Edition tickets ARE LIMITED to 296
The Final at Door Rates are
Discounted: $25
Regular: $35
Limited Edition: $75 (IF REMAINING!)
Thirdly, we'd like to announce our current guest list:
Tiffany Grant
Michael Coleman
Jim O'Rear
Raqs Attaq!
Special Guest Borneo (founder of Fandemonium)

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