Interactive iPad e-Book Stray Sheep: Poe's Christmas Delivers Free New Games & Levels Just in Time for Christmas

Interactive e-Book for iPad Now Features 2 New Spot The Difference Games and 3 New Levels in all Sliding Puzzle Games

What: ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. (RC) today announced that its very popular interactive e-book for iPad, “Stray Sheep: Poe's Christmas”, will be updated on December 24, 2010 with 2 new “Spot the Difference” games (Gumball and Silent Night) and the addition of 3 new levels of gameplay (easy, normal, hard) for each of the current “Sliding Puzzle” games within the app.

The update is FREE for current users of the app. For those who have not downloaded “Stray Sheep: Poe's Christmas”, it is available on the Apple iTunes App Store (link below) for $6.99USD.

Get the Game: To download “Stray Sheep: Poe's Christmas”, go to

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Game Info: Based on the tales of Poe, a beloved Japanese cartoon character, “Stray Sheep: Poe's Christmas” sees Poe, a small, naïve, independent, and curious ram searching for, finding, and helping Mr. Red (a.k.a. Santa) bring presents to children around the world. The App, which offers a fun and entertaining interactive story for people of all ages, also includes two games as part of the e-book experience – ‘Spot the Difference’ and ‘Sliding Puzzle’, both of which can be played at various difficulty levels even after the story is over! As the reader goes through the pages of the story, each offers a variety of fun and unique ways to interact with Poe and his surroundings. By simply tapping on the iPad's screen and/or tilting it, readers can manipulate objects from turning clocks, streetlights and TVs on and off, to waggling reindeers' tails, opening/closing doors, and getting ornaments to ring and move. Readers can also manipulate and interact with Poe by making him jump, cry, sneeze, and roll around!

About RC INC.
Established in 1986, ROBOT COMUNICATIONS INC. is a company that plans and produces visual media in a wide range of fields from TV commercials, motion pictures, animation, CGI, graphic design, websites, to mobile contents. ROBOT's best work includes the highly acclaimed feature film “Always: Sunset on Third Street” series, and Academy awarded animation “La Maison en Petits Cubes.” For more information, visit

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