Tokyo Kawaii Magazine vol.6 – Available March 1st

The wait is finally over! March 1, the world's first iPhone exclusive magazine Tokyo Kawaii Magazine vol.6 (English text version/ will be available on the App store ($2.99 US/includes the viewer application and first issue vol.1).

Tokyo Kawaii Magazine aims to provide you not only exciting wide-ranging information on Japanese POP culture, but also a variety of the latest news and specific features on Japanese animation, manga, game, figure, fashion, costume play, Japanese foods and other popular items from Tokyo, the capital of the Kawaii world.

Contents of Tokyo Kawaii Magazine vol.6

Feature story: Eden of the East
#01 About Eden of the East
The popular anime, Eden of the East is the result of a triumphant collaboration between Kenji Kamiya and Chika Umino. With appealing characters and a mysterious story, everyone is talking about it.

#02 Story Digest
Eden of the East is made up of 11 TV episodes and 2 theatrical films. Learn how the story, which centers round on the mysterious Akira Takizawa, develops in each episode.

#03 The Characters
We introduce all the main characters, the members of Eden and the main Seleçãos here. Could these seemingly evil characters actually be the key to solving the mystery !?

#04 A pilgrimage to a sacred land
Starting from Washington DC, USA to Tokyo then NY... The story of Eden of the East is set around the world. We make a fun comparison between the actual places and the anime versions.

#05 Goods
Check out must-see items from "Eden of the East". Many are limited edition, including items inspired by Akira Takizawa's clothing. Don't miss them if you are a big fan!

#06 Noblesse Phone
The mobile phone provided to every Seleção is called “Noblesse Phone”. There are 12 kinds of phones and each one is specially designed for each Seleção. Use it and hear the valuable voice of Juiz.

・Special : Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-Solid State Society 3D
Director Kenji Kamiyama is famous as the director of "Eden of the East". TKM was granted a special interview with him. See his recent work "Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. -Solid State Society" theatrical 3D version.

・Tokyo Kawaii News
〔Game〕Sengoku BASARA Actual warlords, who existed during Japan's historical warring states period, are brought back to life in a game called Sengoku BASARA. Here we introduce the latest version, part.3. 〔Fashion〕galaxxxy "galaxxxy" is a Harajuku style fashion brand. Loud prints and vivid colors are characteristic of this brand that is the latest amongst cool and fashionable trendsetters. Additionally, we've included a how-to video by the shop staff.

・Tokyo Topics
Sweets Forest
Japan's first confectionery theme park "Sweets Forest" is located in the fashionable neighborhood of Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. We introduce the rich variety of sweets provided by 12 famous pâtisseries !

Culture Tokyo is the portal site that sends Japanese sub-culture out to the whole world. See Danny Choo's regular column and find out more new, exciting and “kawaii” things.

Recipe for "Kyara-ben”
'Character Bento' are becoming popular, and not only in Japan. Here's an easy explanation for how to make a tasty and stylish Kyara-ben.

Funi Funi Diary
Lovely goods lover and female editor Izumi Aikawa writes about her daily life with her belongings. There's always cute stuff all around her.

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