"Live Caravan 2011" by 7!! & DAISUKE on Ustream for Live Streaming

“Live Caravan 2011” by “7!!” & “DAISUKE,”
The Top New Rising Stars of This Spring,
On Ustream for Live Streaming!
5/26 (Thurs) 19:00(JST)

Live Caravan 2011 http://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-caravan1
SYNC MUSIC JAPAN http://www.myspace.com/syncmusicjapan
Official Live Twitter〈#livecaravan〉

Sync Music Japan, a project organized by Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME), Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ), and the Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ) in order to expand Japanese music market to a global scale, is broadcasting the live event “Live Caravan 2011” via Ustream and sending out messages to the whole world on 5/26 (Thurs).

■ Live streaming of the joint live event of “7!!” (who sang the opening theme song for “NARUTO Shippuden”) and “DAISUKE” the king of school festivals

7!! is one of the promising artists in the center of attention who made their major debut with the theme song of the movie “High School Debut.” Their song ‘Fallin’ Love' is now the opening theme song for “NARUTO Shippuden,” a popular TV anime all around the world. DAISUKE is a singer/songwriter of the new generation who gained himself an alias “the king of school festivals” in 2010. “Live Caravan” with these two brilliant units started in Fukuoka on 5/5 and in progress now covering Osaka (5/23) and Nagoya (5/25). Then, the final live on 5/26 at F.A.D Yokohama will be broadcasted live via Ustream to the world.

【USTREAM Live Streaming Time Zones】

19:00 Tokyo
14:00 Moscow
12:00 Paris
11:00 London
8:00 Sao Paulo
6:00 New York
3:00 Los Angeles


7!! (pronounced seven-oops) was formed in December 2004 around vocalist NANAE, in their native Okinawa. The band won favorable recognition when they opened for Kimaguren at Otodama in Zushi, a city south of Tokyo, in 2009. They went on to their first national tour as an opening act of a multiple-band tour entitled Umisen Yamasen – Act 1 (with Kimaguren, Hi-Fi CAMP, and Rake) in 2010. Now hosting a regular segment on Wednesdays on FM Okinawa's weekday show Radiodub, they have finally made their major debut from Epic Records Japan on March 30, 2011, with “Fallin' Love”, the theme song of movie High School Debut!


22-year-old singer-songwriter Daisuke was born and bred in the suburban seaside area of Shonan, south of Tokyo, where he still resides. Influenced by his father, Daisuke naturally grew up surrounded by music, and had learned how to play drums by his early teens. He began to write his own music and lyrics when he picked up the guitar at age 18. After strengthening his playing ability through a great number of street performances around Hachioji, another suburban city, he had attracted attention of people in and out of the music industry by the time he sold out his first one-man show at the PapaBeat club in Hachioji in 2009, which drew about 100 people.

On October 9, 2010, Daisuke released an indie CD entitled “Akaneiro Weekend”, which was a collaborative project with Nippon Engineering College of Hachioji, the sister school of Tokyo University of Technology where he attends. The single accelerated the fast-growing fan base among his contemporaries. Words spread from the spectators of the street performances, earning him invitations from more than 30 school festivals in 2010, which draw a total of over 10,000 people. While yet to make a recording debut, he became the “School Festival King Of The Year” who appeared on school festival stages more than any other artist.

To culminate this honor, he was selected to perform in front of 12,000 people at ‘the biggest school festival event in history’ entitled Age Stock 2010 in Yokohama Arena, held on November 23, which was an exceptional feat for an artist who had not made his debut.

With his universal-friendly and delightful melody, lyrical and true-to-life lyrics, extremely likable and crystal-clear voice, and a pure-minded personality that somehow no one can let go of, Daisuke is a one-of-a-kind college student/singer/songwriter. He has finally made his major debut with single “Boku * Rocket” on February 2!!

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