Siren Visual unleash Dennou Coil and Angel Beats in September

Siren Visual unleash Dennou Coil and Angel Beats in September

Monday, June 20, 2011 – It's with great excitement that Siren Visual announces the upcoming release this September of Dennou Coil and Angel Beats. Both anime will be available to buy and rent on DVD. Also out the same month, and for the first time in Australia, is the complete boxed set of the mythological Dark Age epic Tears to Tiara.

In Dennou Coil a Japanese town not unlike Kyoto is being used as the testing ground for an Augmented Reality Project. Here cyberspace overlaps with the waking life of its citizens who wear glasses which enables them to interact with a network of concentrated modern portable media devices. Not all is what it seems, however, as discovered by Yasako, a young girl new to the area. She soon finds herself as part of an emerging underground community of hackers, some of whom just might have sinister motives. In the tradition of Studio Ghibli, Dennou Coil is a riveting sci-fi fantasy for children of all ages.

Angels Beats is a sexy shoot 'em up battle-in-not-quite-heaven in which angels must fight for their future. Otonashi, the reluctant hero, wakes with no memory of his former existence and is thrust into a combat zone where the afterlife takes place in a high school. “Angel Beats” in the words of Anime Planet, “borrows ingredients that are achingly familiar and mashes them into something miraculously entertaining.”

Tears to Tiara has been described by the Anime News Network as “among the best straight-up adaptations of an RPG to date.” Based on the popular Japanese role playing game and top selling title for the Playstation3, Tears to Tiara, is an adventurous throwback to classic sword and sorcery. Having set a new record for the fastest broadcast of an anime title outside of Japan such was the anticipation it created among western based fans, it's akin to watching the intersection of Zelda and Lord of the Rings.

Siren Visual CEO Eric Cherry said “Dennou Coil is a beautifully crafted story with a quality in storytelling that transcends genres. To say we're excited about it is an understatement.”

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