Right Stuf & Nozomi Entertainment Announce Original Dirty Pair OVAs & Movie, Dirty Pair Flash; Martian Successor Nadesico TV, Movie & Gekiganger III; and Gasaraki Ti

RIght Stuf & Nozomi Entertainment Announce Original Dirty Pair OVAs & Movie, Dirty Pair Flash; Martian Successor Nadesico TV, Movie & Gekiganger III; and Gasaraki TV

Anime Expo 2011: New license and project announcements

GRIMES, Iowa, July 1, 2011 – Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. and its Nozomi Entertainment division made several announcements during their July 1st panel at Anime Expo 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Right Stuf President and C.E.O. Shawne Kleckner revealed the licenses for the “original” DIRTY PAIR OVA (direct-to-video) episodes and Project Eden movie; the DIRTY PAIR FLASH OVA series; the remastered release of the MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO television series, its theatrical sequel and its GEKIGANGER III spin-off OVA; and the GASARAKI television series. The presentation also provided new details about ongoing projects, including Nozomi's remastered editions of the REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA television series.


Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment announced additional installments of the DIRTY PAIR anime franchise – including the classic Dirty Pair OVAs and movie, as well as the 1990s series DIRTY PAIR FLASH – will be released in 2012.

The adventures of “Lovely Angels” Kei and Yuri continue in the Affair of Nolandia OVA, the Project Eden movie, the 10-episode OVA sequel to the TV series, and the Flight 005 Conspiracy OVA. These extensions of the original Dirty Pair television series will be released across two value-priced DVD sets. They feature production by Sunrise (Gundam, Outlaw Star, The Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop) and Studio Nue (Crusher Joe, Macross).

  • Nozomi Entertainment's releases of the OVA installments (the OVA series, Affair of Nolandia and Flight 005 Conspiracy) will feature remastered video from the Japanese DVD release.
  • The upcoming release of the 10-episode OVA series will include the previously released English dub, Japanese audio, and English-language subtitles and on-screen translations.
  • The new release of Project Eden, Affair of Nolandia and Flight 005 Conspiracy will include both the ADV Films and Streamline Pictures English-language dubs, plus Japanese audio and English-language subtitles and on-screen translations.

Dirty Pair Flash is a 16-episode, direct-to-video and alternate universe series, starring younger versions of Kei and Yuri. The entirety of Dirty Pair Flash will be released as one, value-priced DVD set, which will feature remastered video, along with the previously released English audio, plus Japanese audio and English-language subtitles and on-screen translations.

The Dirty Pair's literary adventures – written by Haruka Takachiho (creator of Crusher Joe) and illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (character design for Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam Unicorn) – have won two Seiun Awards for science fiction and inspired an array of media, including anime, radio series and English-language comics. The first two novels, The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair and The Dirty Pair Strike Again, are published for English-speaking audiences by Dark Horse.

Visit comingsoon.rightstuf.com for information about these upcoming releases and dirtypair.rightstuf.com to read an exclusive interview with Dirty Pair creator Haruka Takachiho, to view the TV series trailer, and to order both parts of the DIRTY PAIR television series (available now from Nozomi Entertainment).

Plus Movie and the North American Debut of the GEKIGANGER III OVA

Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment announced its license for the MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO television series and its sequel motion picture (The Prince of Darkness), as well as its spin-off GEKIGANGER III OVA. This will be the first time Gekiganger III will be available to North American audiences.

The 26-episode series, its movie and its spin-off will be released in a complete, value-priced DVD collection. It will include remastered video from the Japanese DVD release (TV series and Gekiganger III), the previously released English-language dub (TV series and film), plus Japanese audio, English-language subtitles and on-screen translations, and on-disc extras.

Martian Successor Nadesico is a science-fiction comedy directed by Tatsuo Sato (Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Shigofumi, Stellvia), with character designs by Keiji Gotoh (Gatekeepers 21, Sorcerer Hunters) and animation production by XEBEC (The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, Fafner). Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness won the fan-voted Animage Grand Prix award in 1998.

The Earth, its moon and its Martian colonies are under alien attack! The Terran military is powerless to stop the invasion, so the arms manufacturer Nergal builds and deploys its own space cruiser in a desperate attempt to save the Earth. However, due to a shortage of military personnel, the battleship Nadesico's crew is a bit unorthodox. Could a contingent of misfits and otaku – including a reluctant cook-turned-pilot, a ditzy general's daughter and a child genius – be mankind's last hope?

Visit comingsoon.rightstuf.com for more information about the series.


Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment also announced its license for GASARAKI, a 25-episode television series created and directed by Ryousuke Takahashi (Armored Trooper Votoms, Blue Gender, GaoGaiGar, Phoenix) and planned and produced by Sunrise (Mobile Suit Gundam, Dirty Pair, Cowboy Bebop). The series – which combines mecha and political intrigue with mysticism – is currently scheduled for 2012, as a value-priced DVD release, with Japanese audio, English subtitles and on-screen translations, its previously released English-language dub, and on-disc extras.

The flames of war are fanned in the Middle East, as two secretive forces unleash their latest weapons of mass destruction. But in a world where giant robots are real, the most dangerous weapon of all lies buried within a human mind. Yushiro, the fourth son of the mysterious and powerful Gowa family, finds himself at the center of events that may change the future of mankind forever!

Visit comingsoon.rightstuf.com for more information about the series.

REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA: Premiere of The Black Rose Saga Trailer; RightStuf.com-Exclusive Gift With Purchase Revealed

The first installment of REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA, released as The Student Council Saga DVD Set L.E., is now available. It features remastered video and a newly created Dolby Digital 5.1 Japanese audio track from the recent Japanese DVD release, as well as Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo for English and Japanese audio, and English-language subtitles and on-screen translations. In addition to numerous on-disc extras, the set is housed in a collectors' art box and also includes a book with content from the limited-edition Japanese release with episode commentary, artwork, and production notes from the Japanese laserdisc release.

REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA: The Black Rose Saga DVD Set L.E. is scheduled for August 2, 2011, and panel attendees were treated to the premiere of its brand-new trailer. The date for the third remastered, limited-edition set will be announced in the near future.

For a limited time – and while supplies last – fans who purchase ALL THREE Revolutionary Girl Utena remastered L.E. DVD Sets via RightStuf.com will receive a replica of the signet ring worn by Utena in the series. This exclusive gift item will be shipped to those who are eligible with the third and final DVD box set.

Visit comingsoon.rightstuf.com to see the new trailer. Visit utena.rightstuf.com to see the series' other trailers (featuring the remastered video) and to order (and pre-order) the REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA remastered, limited-edition DVD sets.

More New & Upcoming Release Dates and Information

Finally, Kleckner shared release dates and additional details for several ongoing and upcoming series:

- July's SOUND OF THE SKY (Sora no Woto) DVD Collection L.E. is now shipping. This limited-edition DVD box set will feature all 12 episodes of Sound of the Sky – plus two special episodes – with Japanese audio, English-language subtitles and on-screen translations. Additionally, the set is housed in a collectors' art box and includes a 40-page book with series artwork and staff commentaries. Only a limited quantity of this premium set will be produced. While supplies last, fans who order Sound of the Sky from RightStuf.com will receive an exclusive postcard set. Visit soundofthesky.rightstuf.com for more information and to view the series trailer.

- The EMMA: A Victorian Romance DVD Complete Series L.E. (Bundle) is scheduled for September 2011. It will offer the previously released DVD box sets for EMMA: A Victorian Romance and the series' “Second Act” together, along with their limited-edition packaging and extras. This will be fans' last chance to purchase the limited-edition DVD box sets for this series. Visit emma.rightstuf.com for more information about the series.

- The anime publisher added to its line of lithograph art prints with this week's release of HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD “Attack!” Prints for several fan-favorite series, including CLANNAD, ARIA The NATURAL, AZUMANGA DAIOH and The IRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLOR, are also now available.

Currently celebrating its 24th year in business, Right Stuf, Inc. was one of the first players in the U.S. Japanese Animation (“anime”) industry, as both an anime producer/distributor and a retailer. Right Stuf works to promote knowledge of its own products, as well as the anime and manga industry, in general, through its online storefront at RightStuf.com and a variety of media including podcasts and special publications.

Nozomi Entertainment, Right Stuf's production division, is dedicated to the highest quality releases. True to the Japanese word that inspired its name, Nozomi's focus is on “what fans want.” By focusing on a limited number of anime properties each year, the Nozomi production team ensures each release receives the care and attention to detail it deserves.

From anime classics like Astro Boy, Kimba and Gigantor to modern comedies, dramas and favorites such as The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, His and Her Circumstances, Gravitation, Ninja Nonsense, The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Maria Watches Over Us, ARIA, Gakuen Alice, Rental Magica, Dirty Pair, Junjo Romantica and Revolutionary Girl Utena, Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment produce quality programming for fans of all ages and interests. For more information, visit www.rightstuf.com and www.nozomient.com.

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