Japan's No. 1 Romance Game “Pirates in Love” Has Landed in the USA!!

iPhone app “Pirates in Love” available now in the App Store

TOKYO, JAPAN – August 1, 2011 – Voltage is pleased to introduce “Pirates in Love”, the debut game in the “Romance Sims” series. In “Pirates in Love,” the heroine (player) accidentally joins a group of male pirates and goes off to on a treasure hunt. The pirate's life is very exciting, as the heroine gets to see handsome pirates fighting to win her over. The fun is all in the journey as the heroine and her chosen pirate grow from strangers to lovers.

The player becomes the heroine in the games and ventures into her own virtual love story. The characters in the game call the heroine by the name the player chose at the beginning when creating her profile. This personalizes the virtual experience to maximize their enjoyment of the virtual world. Players can experience the excitement of falling in love with a variety of attractive men in these games, as if they were reading a Harlequin novel. All the male characters in the games are very handsome and each has a different personality: some of them are kind and civil, some are blunt and coarse. The secondary characters are also varied and attractive. The player can enjoy different endings by selecting different paths. In addition, the characters in the games send emails to the player directory as a pleasant surprise. Because it makes the player feel like the heroine in a well-written romance novel, Voltage's products have found support from female gamers who are familiar with anime and manga in Japan, and the number of users currently exceeds 4 million.

“Pirates in Love” signals the launch of Voltage's “Romance Sims” series, which consists of mobile romance simulation games translated into English. The “Romance Sims” name was chosen because English-speaking regions were previously unfamiliar with this genre. The first title in the series is “Pirates in Love”.

NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest mobile carrier, has ranked “Pirates in Love” as the No. 2 romance simulation game in their contents menu. It has also ranked No.1 in the same category on GREE, one of the largest Japanese social networking sites. In the future, Voltage plans to release more games in the “Romance Sims” series.

ABOUT VOLTAGE: As a mobile content provider, Voltage, Inc is one of the leading companies in Japan. Since its establishment in 1999, Voltage, Inc. has released 73 titles, 46 of which are romance simulation games, and are all highly rated and have been the center of the industry. Voltage's main products are romance simulation games, which were developed in Japan, birthplace of the anime/manga culture. Romantic simulation games geared towards females have previously not been introduced into English speaking regions.

As a pioneer in romance simulation games, Voltage's products almost dominate the top 20 out of all 179 “romantic game” category listings from NTT Docomo. These games target female players between the ages of 13 to 34.

“Pirates in Love” is now available in the US as an iPhone application.

Name of Application: Pirates in Love
Available: July 21, 2011
Rating: 12+
Price: $3.99/Script (Free for Prologue)
Where to Buy: From iPhone and/or PC


Distributed Countries: USA and all other regions where iPhone apps are available.
URL: www.facebook.com/RomanceSims

The player (you) accidentally joins a group of pirates and goes on a treasure hunt. You get to live out the exciting pirate's life as you watch the handsome pirates fight to win you over, and ultimately spend a night with one of them on an uninhabited island. Will you end up with a pirate and live happily ever after?
16 chapter story
After an introductory prologue, the player begins her romantic adventure with the pirates. There are 16 chapters, each with exciting in-game events and multiple paths to choose. The player will feel like the heroine in a Harlequin novel, and she may go all the way.
Life at sea: The only girl on the ship
You are the only girl in a boatful of pirates! A pirate might ask you to ditch the party to spend private time alone with him and you might end up sharing the same bedroom because there are no vacancies on the ship! The pirate's life is stimulating, to say the least.

Romantic adventures
You and a pirate are washed up on the shore after a storm. He gives you mouth to mouth resuscitation, and holds you tight to keep you warm at night. What begins as survival creates a romantic bond.

You are protected by strong guys
Pirates' lives are very dangerous. During frequent attacks from other pirates, you might become attracted to the pirate who fights to protect you.

Meet the Pirates…
Self centered swordsman, Russell: Arrogant, short-tempered, and very possessive.
Super sadistic first mate, Eduardo: Cold blooded and twisted.
Brotherly doctor, Christopher: A leader of the pirates, mild mannered but sometimes spacey.
Antisocial cook, Nathan: Boorish, a man of few words.
Brave swordsman apprentice, Thomas: Determined, friendly but temperamental.
Free spirited Captain Morgan: The legendary pirate, a womanizer who loves to drink.
Lonely Rival Pirate, Alan: Sadistic and unstable. Captain Morgan's rival.

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