Browser-Based Mecha Strategy Game Cosmic Commander 2nd Beta Has Begun

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - November 10th, 2011 - The 2nd Beta Test of online game publisher CyberStep's newest title, Cosmic Commander, has officially begun!

The game will be online for one week from 11/10, 5:00 PM PST to 11/17, 5:00 PM PST. Start playing today at

Cosmic Commander is an online multiplayer strategy game that may be played directly from your web browser. Take command of a robot army, organize your troops into Squads, and wage war against enemy forces. Armies can become very large, consisting of hundreds of Squads each containing multiple individual robots! Cosmic Commander also features fully animated battles, a feature absent from many browser-based multiplayer strategy games. The game features three main modes of play:

Main Mission Mode - Take on challenging Missions in real time! One turn, or "Phase", passes every two hours. Team up with your allies to take down the hordes of Chaos!

Single Mission Mode - Work through Missions at your own pace, with the ability to advance to a new Phase whenever you please.

Arena Mode - Participate in exciting PvP Tournaments to determine the strongest Commander. Valuable rewards await the victorious!

CosmicBreak Tie Up Campaign

Players who manage to clear enough Main Missions during the Cosmic Commander 2nd Beta Test will be rewarded in CosmicBreak with free Rt cash currency! CosmicBreak is a popular MMO Third Person Shooter also published by CyberStep, and features the same robots and in-game universe as Cosmic Commander.

50 free Rt (a $5 value) will be sent out to all players within 500th Place on the Main Missions Cleared Ranking at the end of the 2nd Beta Test. Additionally, a jackpot of 5,000 Rt ($500 value!) will be split up evenly amongst all players who manage to tie for 1st Place on the Main Missions Cleared Ranking!

For more details about the CosmicBreak Tie Up Campaign, make sure to check out the official campaign page on the CosmicBreak website, which may be found here:

If you like robots and strategy games, make sure to give Cosmic Commander a try! And if you're a CosmicBreak player, don't forget to register your account and start clearing Main Missions to win yourself some free Rt!

CyberStep looks forward to seeing everyone there!

About CyberStep:
CyberStep, Inc. has been creating and managing original online games since 2000. CyberStep's titles are played worldwide in over 10 different countries, and include games such as SplashFighters, C21, GetAmped2, CosmicBreak, and HolyBeast. CyberStep is always expanding, and aims to connect different cultures around the world through the mediums of high quality entertainment and technology.

Cosmic Commander 2nd Beta Test Has Begun
Cosmic Commander 2nd Beta Test Period: Nov. 10th 2011 ~ Nov. 17th, 2011

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