Time of Eve: The Movie Released on the iTunes Store

First-ever digital platform release in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

TOKYO, JAPAN - December 24, 2011 - DIRECTIONS, Inc. and STUDIO RIKKA are proud to announce the immediate availability of Yasuhiro Yoshiura's Time of EVE: The Movie on the iTunes Store in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This release marks the film's digital platform premiere outside Japan.

Time of EVE launched as 6 episodes from August 2008 through September 2009 on streaming platforms worldwide. The series quickly gained a devoted following as word spread about the sheer artistry of the visuals, and the tightly woven coming-of-age story about friendship, family and confronting society's norms. The series exceeded 3 million views in Japan alone and sold out of the single-episode limited edition DVD release.

Time of EVE: The Movie brings together the 6 episodes with new footage and a revelatory new ending, plus a new theme song by hit J-pop unit Kalafina (Sony Music Entertainment). The film premiered in Tokyo on March 6, 2010, breaking opening day box office records at Ikebukuro's Theater Daiya and extending to theatrical runs in Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka. The huge response from fans has resulted in Time of EVE adaptations as a comic book serialization (Square Enix's Young Gangan), novel, official fan book, and product development, as well as Bluray and DVD editions in Japan.

Two high school boys grapple with their own humanity in a world where people are serviced by androids distinguished from their masters only by the halo-like rings above their heads. Public mores, enforced by the shadowy Robot Ethics Committee, dictate that androids be treated like appliances, and those who empathize with their robots are branded as "android-holics." Rikuo and his childhood pal Masaki find their assumptions about androids radically challenged when they come across Time of EVE, a cafe where androids and people are treated as equals. Liberated from the strictures of the Ethics Committee, Masaki and Rikuo must confront old wounds of betrayal and grief, and are faced with decisions that put their friendship and families on the line.

Award highlights:
-New York International Children's Film Festival 2011, Official Selection
-Japan Media Arts Festival 2010, Jury Recommended Work
-Pusan International Film Festival 2010, Official Selection

Director biography:
Yoshiura YASUHIRO captured attention of the anime world with his groundbreaking solo OVA Pale Cocoon (2005), and has secured his spot as a visionary creator with his original series and feature film Time of Eve (2008-2010). Fans worldwide are captivated by the nuances of his artwork, and the depth and humor of his stories. Numerous awards and honors include best script at the Sapporo Short Film Festival (2006), invited work at the Tokyo International Film Festival (2006), selection for the Japan Media Arts Festival (2003), and Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica (2002).

Key cast:
Jun FUKUYAMA (Rikuo): Numerous Seiyu Awards (voice actor awards) include Best Male Rookie, Best Main Actor and Overseas Fan's Choice Award. Has devoted following from his roles in xxxHOLiC, Code Geass and the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Kenji NOJIMA (Masaki): On of Japan's most versatile and skilled voice actors, who drives forward the Time of EVE drama through his portrayal of Masaki's complex inner world. Has played rolls in One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Rie TANAKA (Sammy): Captures the sensitive nuances of Sammy's character, and sings the theme song Time of Tenderness featured in Episode 6. Tanaka is an accomplished singer and performer, as well as know for her roles in Gundam Seed, Chobitz, and Rozen Maiden.

DIRECTIONS, Inc. produces projects with talented visual creators, guided by the keywords of "edutainment," "sub-culture" and "youth." In addition to Yasuhiro Yoshiura's Time of EVE: The Movie, acclaimed projects include Palm Top Theater (Ars Electronica 2010, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011, Museum of Art and Design NYC, etc.), Hoshi Shinichi Short Shorts (International Emmy Award 2010), and BITWORLD (BANFF 2009, Good Design Award 2009). directions.jp

Product details:
106 minutes with English subtitles
$9.99 purchase/$3.99 rental (US iTunes store prices)

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iTunes US store (also available in Canada, Australia, NZ)

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