Update: Anime Dublin April 14

Anime Dublin is a special one day event on the 14th April, 2012! Lovingly created by Eirtakon and Nom-Con, the largest anime conventions in Ireland, we're here to brighten up your spring with awesome events, competitions, exclusive screenings, discounts and lots more!

Doors will open at 10:30am and events will go on into the night.

Exclusive screenings!

Origami, party games and speed dating!

Exciting talks and panels!

Game tournaments and free play!

An Easter-themed cosplay competition!

Late night pub quiz! (18+)

DJs until late! (18+)

EXCLUSIVE discounts, only for Anime Dublin attendees!

And all for €5! How could you say no? Details on the events will be released in the coming weeks.

(Please note the quiz and DJs are 18+)


Starting March 3rd, you can reserve tickets for free! Tickets must be claimed by 1pm. This is to allow other attendees to take the place of someone who is unable to attend Anime Dublin. If you'd like to book a ticket, just follow the link below and fill in the form. http://tinyurl.com/AnimeDublinReserve When you arrive, you can pay your entry fee and claim your ticket to Anime Dublin. Confirmation emails will be sent once a day. (Please note, one ticket per person) Space is limited so only 225 tickets will be available.


Anime Dublin attendees will get a 10% discount on April 14th from the amazing Uyiko, Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar! http://ukiyobar.com/

Attendees will also get a 10% discount on seal-salt ice-cream in Murphy's ice-cream bar on Wicklow St! It's not Kingdom Hearts blue, but no one can disagree with ice-cream!

EVENTS: Origami lessons in the main room

Twister and Anime Pictionary!

Modern Warfare 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken tournaments

Pokemon tournament.

Sewing Panel at 11am

Gundam talk at 1:30pm

"How to Run an Anime Convention" panel at 5:30pm

EXCLUSIVE movie screenings.

COSPLAY - Rules: http://eirtakon.com/comps/cosplay

- Sign-ups for the competition will be taken until 2pm at front desk. Strictly no sign-ups taken after that time.

- Anyone can take part in the masquerade but only costumes with an Easter theme will be eligible for the competition!

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