Ai-Kon 2012 Announces Art Tables Now On Sale

WINNIPEG, MB - April 14, 2012 -Artists who are interested in selling their personal artwork may participate in this year's Artist Fair. Ai-Kon will begin selling art tables on Saturday, April 14 at 12:00pm CST.

This year there are a few changes:
Payment: This year artists are granted the option of selecting their own seating, based on when payments are received. You will be e-mailed a map of the layout with your available choices based on the postmark of your payment. Those who send in their payments and registration earliest will receive the best selection. (mascot contest winners will have first choice)

Weekend pass: You must purchase your Ai-Kon weekend pass before the convention or you will not admitted to the artist fair.

Tables are available for purchase at $26 for half a table and $52 for an entire table (not including admission) which covers all three days of the convention.

Entire Table: 6 x 2 at $52 for all three days of the convention.
Half Table: 3 x 2 at $26 for all three days of the convention.

If you purchase only a half table, you may not share that space with another artist. If you purchase an entire table you may share your art table with one other artist. The second artist must sign in at the Artist's Fair during the convention. Artist table prices do not include admission to the convention. Admission must be purchased separately and prior to the convention.

Artist Fair Rules

Artwork and Merchandise

- Artwork sold at Ai-Kon must be anime or of Japanese/Asian inspiration and may be done in any medium with the exclusion of food.

- Artwork for sale must be produced only by the individuals signing this agreement.

- Fanart is acceptable, so long as you credit the series or creator.

- No reproductions of existing works are permitted.

- Second hand merchandise or trademark items may not be sold.

- Hentai, sexually explicit or explicitly violent artwork may not be openly displayed. This will be at the discretion of Ai-Kon staff. Such artwork may be sold discreetly, but may not be viewed or purchased by any person under the age of 18.

Room Policies

- We share a room with the Vendors

- Artists must abide by Art/Vendor room hours.

- Food IS allowed in the Artist's room for the artists and vendors only. At the end of each day of the convention, all food items not in bags or backpacks will be thrown in the garbage as part of a cleaning routine... and food can only be purchased from Winnipeg Convention Centre vendors.

- All drinks in the Artist's room must be contained in re-sealable containers.

- Personal items are to be kept underneath art tables (not behind) to ensure a safe walking space.

- Artwork is not permitted on the walls of the Winnipeg Convention Centre; please utilize your table space.

Purchasing Guidelines

- Forms and payments must be mailed by June 2nd, unless other arrangements have been made with the Artroom Coordinator. Payments and registration forms not received by June 2nd will have forfeited their table. June 2nd is the last acceptable postmark date.

- Cancellations after June 16th are not entitled to a refund due to the difficulty of arranging for another artist to take that position.

- Unless special arrangements are made, all artists are required to sign in for their table on the first day of the convention or it may be considered forfeit.

How to apply

E-mail your interest in purchasing an art table to [email protected]

In the subject line, please state Art Table

Your e-mail should include your:

- full legal name

- e-mail

- phone number with area code

- postal code

- desired table size

If you have stated that you would like a full table, please include whether or not you will have a table partner.

If you will have a table partner please include your table partner's name and their contact information.

Time: Send your e-mail at or after 12:00pm CDT, April 14th. Applications sent prior to 12pm April 14th will not receive a table. (I try my best to e-mail everyone who sends early, but I may miss those of you who send at 11:55-11:59. The time is based on the e-mail time stamp)

Responses to applications will be issued April 15th, to ensure their are no e-mail time stamp issues or errors.

Please remember Winnipeg, MB, CAN's time zone is CDT (central daylight time) e-mails sent prior to noon can be addressed, however e-mails sent late due to time zone differences cannot be remedied on that basis. For example if you send an e-mail at 1pm and tables have sold out, there is nothing I can do to help you in this regard. This may not be the case, but it is a caution that it is not impossible.

ABOUT AI-KON: Ai-Kon ( is Manitoba's largest anime convention. An all-ages event, the goal of Ai-Kon is the promotion of Japanese/Asian animation and culture to the public. Started in 2001 by a local anime club, Ai-Kon took a reorganizing hiatus in 2002. It returned in 2003 to become an autonomous event, run by an independent volunteer committee. "Ai" means "love" in Japanese, hence Ai-Kon's slogan "For the Love of Anime". This year marks Ai-Kon's 10 year anniversary.

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