Man With A Mission Is Coming to Japan Expo 2012

Wolves storming down on in France, too!?

A headline-making band of wolves "MAN WITH A MISSION" is coming to JAPAN EXPO 2012!!!

With their first single released on 4/4/2012 ranking #6 (as of 4/16) on Oricon's Weekly Single Chart and their first nationwide one-man live tour going sold-out immediately, MAN WITH A MISSION, a 5-piece rock band of wolves, are rocking away at full speed and expanding their horizons as far as Europe! MAN WITH A MISSION will participate in JAPAN EXPO 2012, a world-famous Japanese cultural event taking place in France.

MAN WITH A MISSION Profile: Tokyo Tanaka (Vocal) Jean-Ken Johnny (Guitar, Vocal, Raps) Kamikaze Boy (Bass, Chorus) Spear Rib (Drums) DJ Santa Monica (Djs, Sampling)

MAN WITH A MISSION is a 5-piece rock band of wolves whose members are Tokyo Tanaka (Vocal), Jean-Ken Johnny (Guitar, Vocal , Rap), Kamikaze Boy (Bass, Chorus), Spear Rib (Drums) and DJ Santa Monica (DJ, Sampling). They are mutant creatures with wolf heads and human bodies. The members claim to be "the extreme creatures" who have surpassed the boundaries of many types and shapes of creatures on earth.

They have performed at various music festivals and events in Japan even before their debut. They also appeared on TV and attracted much attention among those who can recognize real rock sounds.

After carefully but surely paving the way, MAN WITH A MISSION finally made their major debut in June 2011 with their first release going sold-out at many different CD shops all around Japan. Through power-plays on radio and tie-ups with TV programs, they received a tremendous amount of attention as their music was featured on 28 different channels nationwide. Tickets for their first one-man live held in July 2011 were sold-out only in 10 minutes after the ticketing began. Only in 2 months after their debut, they performed at “SUMMER SONIC 2011," Japan's biggest summer music festival, in front of an audience of about 10,000. They also participated in big-scaled events such as CDJ11/12 and RADIOCRAZY, thus attracting so much attention from rock fans.

JAPAN EXPO's scale and number of participating guest artists from Japan kept on growing ever since their very first event back in 2000. With the main theme of introducing Japanese pop culture, JAPAN EXPO is a grand-scale event where everyone can experience what's happening "in Japan now" at first hand.

MAN WITH A MISSION may come off as a comical band at your first glance, but here is why they were capable of mesmerizing the audience of Japan. Their heavy sounds in a moderate mix of danceable tunes and heart-touching melodies are a sure thing to impress any audience they perform for. That's why they will be on their way to France for JAPAN EXPO this coming July.

JAPAN EXPO Statistics: Number of visitors & List of guest artists from Japan 1st 6/2000 3,200 visitors 2nd 12/2000 8,000 visitors 3rd 7/2001 12,000 visitors 4th 7/2002 21,000 visitors 5th 7/4-7/6/2003 29,000 visitors 6th 7/2-7/4/2004 41,000 visitors 7th 7/7-7/9/2006 56,000 visitors 8th 7/6-7/8/2007 81,000 visitors 10th 7/2-7/5/2009 164,000 visitors 12th 6/30-7/3/2011 192,000 visitors

■MAN WITH A MISSION Official website: Twitter:!/mwaminfo029 Facebook:

■DISCOGRAPHY OF “ MAN WITH A MISSION” 1st limited debut mini ALBUM "WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD" 2010.11 .3 RELEASE FYTD-1001 1,000 yen (tax in)

limited indies SINGLE “NEVER FXXKIN' MIND THE RULES“ 2011.4.6 RELEASE FYTD-1003 777 yen (tax in) limited production of 2029 CDs


2011.6.8 RELEASE CRCP-40295 2,200 yen (tax in) 2nd mini ALBUM

"Trick or Treat e.p." 2011.10.5 RELEASE CRCP-40302 1,500 yen (tax in)

Major 1st SINGLE "distance"

2012.4.4 RELEASE (CD + DVD) CRCP-10273 / 1,700 yen(tax in.) (CD) CRCP-10274 / 1,200 yen(tax in.)

(Photo L→R) Kamikaze Boy → Spear Rib → Tokyo Tanaka →Jean-Ken Johnny → DJ Santa Monica

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