PacSet Tours Announces Animated Spring Tour for March 2013 and Tour Payment Plans

In the interest of making a trip to Japan affordable for anime fans from around the world, PacSet Tours has opened signups for the 2013 Animated Spring Tour, along with a series of inexpensive monthly payment plans. The tour is scheduled to take place from March 18 through March 25, 2013 with an optional "extended journey" to Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe that concludes on March 28.

Building upon the success of the 2012 tour, the tour will visit Akihabara, Shinjuku, Nakano Broadway, Harajuku, Asakusa and many more of the sites and neighborhoods that define and shape Tokyo's anime and pop culture scene. Guests will also attend the Anime Contents Expo and participate in a special cherry blossom viewing. In addition, two new attractions will be added for the 2013 tour: a visit to the new Gundam-themed park attraction Gundam Front and a ride along the Sumida River on the futuristic ship Himiko, designed by Captain Harlock creator Leiji Matsumoto. PacSet is also offering an optional extension on the tour that visits the Kansai region, taking guests to otaku hotspots in Osaka and Kobe as well as the finest shrines, castles, and temples in the historical capital of Kyoto.

In order to help fans afford the tour, PacSet has also announced a series of Payment Plans that let guests pay for the tour in managable monthly installments instead of a single lump sum. Guests who begin payments in May can attend the tour for as little as $225 a month. PacSet is also offering a "Perfect Tour" plan that includes the extended trip to Kansai and all four optional tour extras for $310 a month and up.

"We know that a lot of anime fans save up for years to afford a trip to Japan" says PacSet Director Evan Miller. "It is our mission to make it easier for those fans to take that trip, and we think our payment plan will help a lot of people take the vacation they've always dreamed of." As for the tour itself, Evan admits that there could be some "surprise extras" added to the schedule as the tour draws closer. "We're always looking for fun exclusives to add to make the tour more memorable and fun."

Signups for the Animated Spring Tour have already begun on the PacSet website, The tour also offers optional side trips to a Maid Cafe, Tokyo Tower, a hot spring resort, and Mount Nokogiri. Customers with questions about the tour and/or payment plan are encouraged to contact [email protected] for further information.

About PacSet Tours

Built with the fans of Japanese and Asian pop culture in mind, PacSet Tours offers a wide variety of Japan tours that blend both traditional and pop cultures, while also allowing guests to customize their experience. PacSet also specializes in tours for student groups in Japan and travel arrangements for independent travelers. To learn more or make a booking, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call (310) 218-3816.

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