Complete Covert Night Missions And Attain The Rank Of A 5-Star Ninja In Tap Ninja


Run, Jump And Slash Like A Ninja In A FREE New Japanese Pop Culture-Inspired Game App That Joins KAYAC's Unique Library Of Action Titles Available For U.S. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

San Francisco, CA, June 18, 2011 – KAYAC, Inc., a prominent Japanese IT creative company and web/mobile app developer, continues to expand its roster of games available to U.S. iPhone® users with the launch of TAP NINJA, the company's latest addictive action title which allows players to run, jump and slash like a ninja!

Easily played with just one hand, simply tap the screen to jump between both sides of the road and slice through any foe that dares cross your path. Clear missions and raise your score, but be careful because if you run into a foe or an obstacle, it's game over! How far will YOU be able to run?”

The game is the latest app to join KAYAC's growing library of fun action games that also includes: Hunt The Monsters, Hunt The Monsters 2, Shoot The Monsters, Infinity Slash and Farmer Carrots Zombies.

TAP NINJA is currently available for FREE download from the iPhone®/iTunes® AppStore at:

TAP NINJA is compatible with the Apple iPhone®3GS/iPhone4/iPhone4S, all iPad® models and the iPod® touch (3rd Generation or later). Tap the screen to control a ninja embarking on a dangerous night mission. Players must defeat threatening foes and avoid obstacles and try to achieve a high score based on the total distance the ninja runs and the coins they acquire.

Screen the Game-Play Demo Link:

Features of TAP NINJA include:

Defeat foes, avoid obstacles, and outrun everyone else! The ninja's path is blocked by foes, beasts, fire and boulders. Tap the screen to slice foes, leap over obstacles, and pick up fallen coins as you run into the night to complete a secret covert mission.

Use the coins players pick up to increase skills and get new items! A player can sharpen their skills such as increasing the attack range of their sword by picking up coins in the ninja's path and making purchases in the store. Players can also buy items such as “Boost Dash” to cover a lot of distance at once.

Get high scores to clear missions! The missions available in the game can be cleared by getting high score or collecting enough coins. Aim to attain the highest rank of a 5-Star ninja!

“TAP NINJA is our latest iPhone action game app that that lets players become ninja with a simple tap of the finger!” says Ryoji Maeda, Producer for KAYAC, Inc., “TAP NINJA adds more color and variation to the action game series from KAYAC. We hope this game will encourage players in U.S. to discover the wide range of exciting game apps that our creative and crazy development team at KAYAC has produced for everyone to play for free!”

TAP NINJA joins KAYAC's library of fun action games that also includes:

Hunt The Monsters: A unique RPG game featuring fun retro-graphics. Embark on a wild odyssey hunting monsters through 10 levels of fun and complete your monster book.!/id491657299?mt=8

Hunt The Monsters 2: The monster hunting fun continues in the exciting sequel. Players journey to exotic new locales to hunt a new array of monsters in this fun game.!-2/id501289786?mt=8

Shoot The Monsters: Players discover the monsters' nest in the woods. Angered and trying to protect their home, the monsters attack. Fight them off with a magic bow and arrow.

Infinity Slash: Find an attacking monster's weak spot and swipe and slash them in two!!/id507904667?mt=8

Farmer Carrots Zombies: Players help a famer defend his crop of carrots from attacking zombies!

About KAYAC Inc.
Based in the seaside city of Kamakura, Japan, KAYAC Inc. was founded in 1998 and has developed a large proprietary portfolio of mobile and interactive products, including online communities, art projects, food businesses, and a variety of fun phone apps. The company has become one of the top creative agencies in Japan and several KAYAC games, available through major Japanese social game platforms, are enjoyed by millions of users across the country. The company is founded on the Japanese spirit of "omoshiroi,” meaning playful, fun and interesting. This spirit pervades all of the company's products.

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