AnimeFest Guest Announcement: Yoshimitsu Yamashita

AnimeFest is proud to announce our fourth Japanese Guest of Honor for AnimeFest 2012: Chief Animation Director and Animator, Yoshimitsu Yamashita.
Mr. Yamashita is the Chief Animation Director for "Kids on the Slope" (Sakamichi no Apollon), the newest TV series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe with music by Yoko Kanno, and airing on Fuji TV's popular noitaminA block.

Throughout his career in the industry, Mr. Yamashita has participated in dozens of popular Anime projects. He has served as Chief Animation Director on "House of Five Leaves", Animation Director on episodes of "Bleach" and "Samurai Champloo", and worked as a Key Animator on "Michiko and Hatchin", "Elfen Lied", and "Monster", just to name a few.

AnimeFest will be held Labor Day Weekend (August 31 through Sept 3) in Dallas, Texas.
This will be Mr. Yamashita's first time at AnimeFest!

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