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“Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight” Fan Film Sequel Premieres Online, Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter Project

LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 9, 2012 – Thousand Pounds Action Company, makers of live action martial arts shorts for anime, manga and video game fans, have premiered the anticipated sequel to their Naruto fan film saga on YouTube. The filmmakers also revealed their next project, an original web series titled Clandestine that promises to bring back character and story driven martial arts entertainment and featuring visceral, expertly choreographed fighting.

With Naruto Shippūden: Dreamers Fight – The Complete Film, Thousand Pounds finished the fan film phenomenon they started last year. The original live action film, which set the stage for an epic fight between Naruto and Rock Lee, debuted at Anime Expo 2011 to an overcapacity room and a standing ovation. It went on to draw a worldwide audience, generating millions of views.

This year for the screening of the sequel, it was same show, different venue. The creators returned to Anime Expo, but this time show organizers planned accordingly for a high profile premiere. Thousand Pounds debuted the film in an auditorium packed with approximately 3,000 overjoyed fans. When it was over, they announced Clandestine, a project relying on fan-funded support through Kickstarter to become a reality. To their elation, their fans mobilized within minutes of the project's unveiling.

Thousand Pounds' videos have drawn them recognition as filmmakers with pedigree in Eastern martial arts who can deliver professionally choreographed fight films. They are the creators behind more than 20 martial arts shorts including Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within, Street Fighter: Beginnings End and the Ultra Combos series.

Clandestine is their contemporary take on martial arts storytelling, although one with supernatural undertones. It follows Adelene, a young heroine who discovers her true identity as the matriarch of a powerful clan when her father is murdered. Her family is among five ancient clans with unworldly powers vying for control of humanity. Viewers go on Adelene's journey as she becomes a feared warrior, and the possible savior of mankind, from the point of discovery.

Thousand Pounds' Kickstarter project, billed as Clandestine: Follow The Path, is aiming to raise $75,000 to produce two action-packed pilot episodes. Once the world of Clandestine is introduced, they will pursue a full season slate with a distribution partner. The Kickstarter drive is currently underway at www.kickstarter.com/projects/thousandpounds/clandestine-follow-the-path

For Naruto Shippūden: Dreamers Fight, the filmmakers set their story after the Pain saga, when Naruto has become the village hero he always sought to be. Seeing Naruto closer to his dream, Rock Lee decides that he must push even harder in his training. He decides to challenge Naruto to a ho-holds-barred duel. Naruto accepts the challenge from his close friend, and with this, the fight is set.

About Thousand Pounds Action Company
Thousand Pounds Action Company is a film production team specializing in martial arts action. The filmmakers seek to revolutionize the genre by creating story driven, dynamic shorts influenced in part by anime and video game culture. Thousand Pounds' philosophy and pedigree is rooted in Eastern martial arts, with its name derived from the T'ai chi ch'uan proverb, “A force of four ounces can move a thousand pounds.” The four ounces represents imagination and determination. The thousand pounds are the company's achievements and ambitions. The team consists of filmmakers, writers, actors, fight choreographers and stunt performers. For more information visit thousandpoundsaction.com, or check out their YouTube and Facebook.

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