Hanabee Entertainment's First License Announcement Is….Toradora!

とらドラ! (Japanese)

  • First Volume featuring episodes 1-13 available on DVD for $49.95 RRP from October 3rd 2012.
  • Big hit series in USA finally available in Australia / New Zealand
  • Featuring voice actress Rie Kugimiya (Bleach, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist and many more)

Beware: Tiger ahead. Tread cautiously.

Tigers are fierce creatures and Taiga Aisaka is no exception. Coupled with a short temper, a height complex and a mean right hook, Taiga, nicknamed the Palmtop Tiger, is not someone to be messed with. Despite his less than stellar start, for one, Ryuji Takasu, handling such creatures will need to be his forte, when the one he has as a classmate is also his neighbour. But all isn't that bad when it just might be that looks and first impressions can be deceptive and nothing is as it seems. Just like Ryuji, the school's delinquent, may simply be a gentle guy at heart; Taiga might also sport a softer side under her harsh exterior.

…Suddenly tigers might not be all that fierce as Ryuji feared.

Originally released as a light novel in 2006, Toradora! has been adapted into a manga, a video game, a TV anime series and an OVA (original video animation). This release features the first twelve episodes of the TV series, with the original Japanese voice actors along with English subtitles.

“Toradora! doesn't succeed by doing anything different, it succeeds by doing everything it should and doing it exactly right. If you're willing to bite, it'll hook deep. Painlessly, I promise.”
- Anime News Network

Shakugan no Shana, Fruits Basket

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