Japanese Rockstar Becomes First Musician to Grace the Cover of the UK's Longest Running Asian Pop Culture Publication in Issue 102 of NEO Magazine

Ruki, the vocalist behind Japan's phenomenal rock outfit the GazettE, becomes the first musician to ever feature on the cover of the UK's longest running Asian pop culture publication, NEO magazine! Its 102nd issue, out now, celebrates the release of the band's latest album DIVISION – their first under a British label – and is joined by an exclusive six-page feature on the group tipped to ignite a music revolution across Great Britain and Europe!

This issue also introduces Princess Resurrection, the girl who can bring you back from the dead – so you can work as her servant! Maybe the afterlife isn't all it's cracked up to be... find out in NEO's mammoth six-page guide to Manga's latest anime! If princesses are your thing, get ready for this jelly; Matt Kamen joins Tsukimi and her bunch of otaku pals as they tackle the ‘Stylish’ of Tokyo, as well as a brazen transvestite in Princess Jellyfish. Plus! With the second series of Clannad rolling out on DVD, Matt Kamen also delves into the world of the Japanese dating sims and visual novels that inspired the franchise.

For those looking for something a bit more masculine, David West not only fights his way through the blood and guts of the new movie adaptation of Berserk, but also writes a four-page extravaganza on the heroines of Japan's arse-kicking, sword-swinging chanbara genre. Then, NEO's man in Japan, Daniel Robson, continues the feminist theme by examining the sexualisation of women in modern day Japan, from AKB48 to the country's manga magazines, and everything in-between.

As always, NEO delivers the latest reviews of the anime, video games and Asian film titles about to hit the UK, including; Tales of Graces f, Tetsuo: I & II, Clannad After Story, Princess Jellyfish, Lady Snowblade I & II and many more.

Plus! Asian entertainment guru Jonathan Clements continues his quest to uncover every manga magazine in Japan, this time flicking through the pages of Shogakukan's Monthly Sunday GX to uncover stories involving catgirls, alternative universes and wannabe manga-artists.

There's also cosplay, fashion and manga tutorials, a selection of the very best of UK cosplay, music news which includes Golden Bombers' UK exclusive album and the latest K-pop dance craze taking the world by storm; Gangnam Style! Plus full-blown features on what's hot in the world of anime right now in Japan; Moyashimon Returns and Sword Art Online!

Get your copy now, packed with all the above and more, for £4.25 at your local magazine stockist, or £2.99 direct to your mobile, PC or tablet device!

Alternatively, get it direct from NEO HQ!

Get the magazine sent direct to your doorstep, anywhere in the world: http://www.neomag.co.uk/magazine/issue/102 Or digitally here: http://www.neomag.co.uk/digitalmag/issue/102 (requires registration)

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