Breakout Anime Site Provides Users With Suggestions On What To Watch Next

Hummingbird Is Changing The Face Of Anime For Its Users!

Location, Location –Even the biggest Anime fans may struggle with what to watch next. Those are big choices! Anime-lovers will not have to struggle any longer though with the launch of Hummingbird!

Once it launches, Humminglybird will be an anime recommendation engine and database. The system will learn every users likes and dislikes in order to give them an accurate recommendation of what they will enjoy watching next.

The process for this unique new anime site is set to be both streamlined and simple. Hummingbird users will register for the site and be asked to rate popular anime titles that they have already seen. From those titles and their respective ratings, titles that are similar can be assessed for the user's interests. Hummingbird will use memory-based collaborative filtering to calculate an anime recommendation for the user.

My Anime List is the closet competitor for Hummingbird. For users that have an existing account with anime titles already pre-rated, they will be given the convenient option of importing their account into Hummingbird, making the transition to this platform simple. Hummingbird wants to make it possible for viewers to preview titles, read positive and negative reviews, and screen the title/track progress, all on the same page. With Hummingbird, watching great anime titles will be undoubtedly easier than ever.

Hummingbird is great in that its creators realize the deficit and flaws in existing rating systems. Founder, Josh Fabian, poses a good question. “What makes the difference between a 3.5 star series and a 4 [star series]?” That rating system makes it difficult to judge what exactly the user likes and dislikes. However, using a binary rating system, as many seasoned marketers do, makes rating a lot simpler. It is as easy as “Yes, I liked this title.” Or, “No, I was not interested or intrigued by this title at all.” Binary rating keeps the process on Hummingbird simple; Fabian really knew what he was aiming for when including binary sorting as a part of the company's recommendation algorithm.

Hummingbird was created because its founders, Josh Fabian and Ralph Wintle, had seen so much anime, that it became challenging to find additional titles to view. Hummingbird has arrived to fill the gap and inadequacies between existing inaccurate anime recommendations to help anime lovers all over find titles that they will love.

Hummingbird's offices are in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, interested anime fans can sign up to receive information about Hummingbird when it launches. They are also urged to invite their fans, because the more anime lovers, the better…right? Check out what Hummingbird is all about at! Contact Josh Fabian of Hummingbird at [email protected]

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