Innocent Lilies―September 2013: Worldwide Simultaneous Release in Theaters and On-line

(A total of 10 episodes via streaming)

The time has rejected innocent virgins.
No place seems to be left for girls suffering from broken hearts.
But there are hands reaching out for them:
the hands of the legendary White Witch.
They say, the Witch was once a girl, deeply hurt carrying a never-ending pain.
For only the ones who know real pain can - acquire the power of witchcrafts…

TV Asahi x TOEI, the team who brought live-action movie series such as the “KAMEN RIDER” and “Power Rangers” to a big success, took on the challenge of making a longawaited “Action-Fantasy Heroine Movie”, “Innocent Lilies”. The scriptwriter to come up with a unique “girls witchery” story that has never been told before is Reiko Yoshida, known for blockbusters such as “K-ON!!” and “GIRLS und PANZER”. The director is a live-action fans' favorite, Koichi Sakamoto, whose hard-core entertainment films are filled with breathtaking action scenes. The two creators known for their portrayal of the most enticing “heroines” in their own genres, anime and live-action, to work together on a project in itself is an exciting news in its own right!

Moreover, the main casts will be played by the six members of “”, a unique “geek-idol” group with the biggest potential of becoming the next hit sensation. The characters of the girls suffering from broken hearts in the story have poignant connection to their own past in real lives. “Innocent Lilies” is a miraculous story, made possible only with this perfect casting!

The story has abundant action scenes as well as variety of “moe” scenes for additional excitements. The meticulously, constructed perspective of the world brings about a “reality within unreality”. When the girls of “Innocent Lilies” succeed in changing the world, the genre of “action-fantasy heroine movie” also takes its first step into a new generation of films!!

◆Director: Koichi Sakamoto
◆Scriptwriter: Reiko Yoshida
◆Cast :
◆Music: Yasuhiro Misawa
◆Theme Song:
◆Production Company: TOEI TV Production
◆Produced by: TV Asahi / TOEI


【Director: Koichi Sakamoto】
Born 1970 in Tokyo. A Member of Alpha Stunts. He worked successfully for many years abroad and, after being an action-director, and later, director of “Power Rangers” series, he played important roles as producer and executive producer. He started working in Japan with “Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The MOVIE” (2009) and further with “KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE” (2009) and ”KAIZOKU SENTAI GOKAIGER”(2011). He was chief director of “KAMEN RIDER FOURZE” (2011) and “ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER” (2013) and showed his big talent. At the same time, he energetically kept on making new movies such as “Travelers” (2013) and “009-1 THE END OF BEGINNING” (2013).

【Scriptwriter: Reiko Yoshida】
She is a successful scriptwriter for live-action drama and anime genres. Her representative live-action dramas include “Office Lady's Beauty Battle” (2000), “Scent of Jealousy” (2001), ”SATORARE” (2002), ”Time Limit Investigator 2” (2007). Her recent works, the anime “K-ON!!”(2010) and “GIRLS und PANZER” (2012) gained huge popularity among fans and the reputation for her scriptwriting is well established.

【】 is a Japanese idol group, composed of six girls Mirin Furukawa, Risa Aizawa, Nemu Yumemi, Eimi Naruse, Ayane Fujisaki, and Moga Mogami. The group belongs to Dear Stage, Akihabara's most famous idol live house and bar where they perform regularly. All of the members are geeks/otaku of anime, manga, games, or costumes. The group performed at Tokyo Collection and has collaborated with leading fashion designers including Mikio Sakabe. They attract attention overseas as well and have performed at fashion events in Jakarta and solo concerts in Taipei. Tickets for their solo concert at Zepp Tokyo were sold out. The unit released their latest single, 'Denden Passion' and ranked 6th on the Oricon record Chart. 'The group joined a new record label, MEME TOKYO, produced by TOY'S FACTORY and Mofuku-chan.

The Story

Newly enrolled students arrive at the “White Witch Academy”, a school for young girls to study witchcrafts. The girls are played by The girls are played by Moga Mogami, Nemu Yumemi, Mirin Furukawa, Eimi Naruse, Ayane Fujisaki ――。 Each of them had their hearts broken in their lives and carry deep emotional pain in their hearts.-This is why they are here at the academy. Senior class students led by Risa Kikuta (Risa Aizawa) assign tasks to the group of new students. The tasks are necessary steps for them to acquire witchcrafts. And one by one, the new students become capable of using their magical power. But there are more secrets to be disclosed by them in the “White Witch Academy”. As they continue to practice their witchcrafts, the last challenge, the last fatal task required to become a full-fledged White Witch is about to be announced. The task is far beyond anyone's imagination … it is…

The Setting

“White Witch Academy”: A place where girls suffering from emotional pains from the past come together. The girls hope to create “A world where girls won't get hurt”, but the only way to do so is to suffer from worse pain ever and to accept it to acquire a stronger power of witchcraft that makes you a full-fledged White Witch. The girls continue to work on their task assignments to get their powers of witchcrafts. Tasks become harder and harsh reality awaits them as they approach their last task. The girls were hurt, became broken hearted, overcame the desperate pains and sorrows, and now finally they are all awakened as “white witches”.

Theatrical release / Online distribution

September, 2013
"Innocent Lilies" simultaneous release, in movie theaters and online in Japan and online worldwide through viki ( Viki is a global TV site powered by fans and is TV Asahi's global digital distribution partner for its popular on-air and toprated shows. Comments

【 Koichi Sakamoto (Director)】
With “Innocent Lilies”, I tried to create a genre of movie that has not been attempted before. It is a story in which cute and very attractive girls go through various challenges and mature as they reach their goal. members took on the challenge of full-fledged acting for the first time, and their earnest and passionate performance showed promise. I really felt that they had potential of becoming stars. There are elements of action, horror and comedy in this movie and it can be enjoyed from all angles. Be sure to experience this extraordinary world of “Innocent Lilies”.

【 Reiko Yoshida (Scriptwriter)】
The main characters of this action-fantasy-horror movie are high school girls. From the beginning, it was set that the members of will play the leading roles, so when I wrote the script, I thought about how to utilize their unique personalities and charm to the full. The story starts when the girls enter an academy to become a “good” witch. A world of white witches…my goal was to create a world where “white” symbolizes both beauty and fear. In this academy, the girls acquire power over time. There is a saying “justice without power is inefficient, power without justice is tyranny”. What will await the broken-hearted girls when they acquire power and strength…? Please feel for their pain when watching this movie.

【Moga Mogami (】
We got excited when we first heard that it was going to be a school setting with “witchcraft” as the theme and when we read the script we were really surprised. I didn't want my acting to look like a sham, so during the shooting, I was really into this movie and concentrated on my role. I felt some pressure at the beginning but with time, I gradually became closer to the staff and was able to spend a really fascinating time.

【Nemu Yumemi (】
As everything was new to me every day, I often worried about how to express myself. But the director's advice was straightforward and I could accept his instructions without much difficulty. I was really helped along by the director and the staff. I was able to look at my real self through this role and I made a lot of discoveries. As I took on the challenge of acting in somewhat shocking scenes, I'm looking forward to seeing how they came out.

【Mirin Furukawa (】
The girl I am playing is so honest that the other girls distance themselves from her. At first I thought she was totally different from me but as I got into her role, I started to understand her feelings. This movie has almost “sapphic” scenes, and I think I was able to show a side of Mirin Furukawa that I have never shown before. There were difficult parts but as the director allowed me to act as I pretty much liked, I think I was quite comfortable.

【Eimi Naruse (】
The roles that the members play are in a way quite like the real members themselves. Of course they aren't exactly the same but I think our fans can enjoy the movie in this sense also. As for myself, I was really excited about the fact that Reiko Yoshida, whom I really admire, wrote the script (LOL). I was enthralled by the world that Reiko Yoshida creates and I was stimulated by acting in this world. And above all, I enjoyed the experience!

【Ayane Fujisaki (】
We had to run a lot and swim in the pool and there were a lot of physically tough scenes, but as the director did everything to create a relaxed atmosphere on the site, we were able to enjoy ourselves. The girl I am playing is a bit slow on the uptake, and some say I didn't need to act (LOL). But in fact, I felt my tension was higher than normal, perhaps by 30 %. The story itself is very deep and I am sure a lot of people will feel strong empathy.

【Risa Aizawa (】
People tend to think that I am a level-headed steady girl but in fact, I'm rather a scatterbrain. I've even fallen off the stage during a live concert once. But the role I'm playing is a sophisticated well-bred young lady, and it was difficult to bridge the gap between the role and myself (LOL). As this movie will have a great impact on our group, I am happy that this day has finally come. It's sure to be a great movie.

【Official Homepage】
【 twitter】@shiromajogakuen

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