Nicalis Announces JRPG, Grinsia for 3DS and PC

Kemco's classic JRPG, Grinsia, to be released on Nintendo 3DS and PC

Santa Ana, Calif., (August 19th, 2012) - Nicalis, Inc., developer and publisher of independently awesome video games announces Kemco's classic 16-bit style JRPG, Grinsia, for release on Nintendo 3DS, Windows, OSX and Linux.

“We're excited to be partnering with Nicalis on publishing, Grinsia, one of our JRPGs for the Nintendo 3DS and PC,” said Masaomi Kurokawa, Deputy General Manager, Kemco Games.

“We're seeing a fantastic resurgence in the genre, and hope that Grinsia is the first of many games that we can bring to new audiences,” said Victor Rodriguez, CEO and Executive Producer, Nicalis.

About the game
Grinsia follows a family of three treasure hunters who go out in search of some ancient ruins said to be full of untold riches. Their adventure begins with little incident, but little do they know that they'll be caught up in a more sinister plot as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

■ Heavily enhanced from the original
Complete re-localization, all new SNES-tastic soundtrack, dual-screen support (3DS only), enhanced controls and more!

■ Traditional JRPG anime-inspired art style
Classic, 16-bit pixel art brings you back to a bygone era.

■ A wide range of allies, and many ways to enjoy the adventure
Choose your allies from a wide range of characters with each character reacts differently to each event. Play Grinsia again and again, experiencing the different reactions of party members.

■ Night and Day cycles
As time passes, the game changes between day and night. The appearance of towns and open land, and the way the game progresses will differ between day and night.

■ 'EX Skills' system
The treasure you gain has special powers, and can be used during battle. When you use a piece of treasure as an accessory, you become able to use 'EX Skills'.

Grinsia continues Nicalis' partnerships with ultra-talented and super-awesome independent developers. Previously Nicalis has teamed up with 8bits Fanatics (1001 Spikes), Edmund McMillen (The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth), Studio Pixel (Cave Story, Ikachan), Nicklas Nygren (NightSky), and Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV).

About Nicalis, Inc.
Based in Southern California, Nicalis, Inc. is an independent developer and digital publisher with a proven track record for developing and publishing well-polished games. Founded in 2007, Nicalis continually seeks to enhance, and improve the quality of video games throughout the game industry. Nicalis, Inc. is committed to developing wildly creative and endlessly entertaining. More information on Nicalis can be found via the Internet at and

About Kemco Games
Kemco Games is a publisher and developer specializing in Japanese RPGs based in Hiroshima, Japan. Known for its mobile JRPGs like and Silver Nornir.

More information on Kemco Games can be found via the Internet at and

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