Bring Nepal Kids a Smile with Moss Character KOKE-kun

Bring Nepal Kids a Smile with Moss Character KOKE-kun!

Tokyo, Japan – October 28th, 2013 – GOOPA Inc., the animation focused crowd-funding website company, today announced that it will be launching the new project on Anipipo called “KOKE-kun fair-trade project” by Ripromo.

Character Fair Trade project is a project to help people who suffer from poverty become economically independent. Purpose of the project is to provide better materials for the product and take kids to picnic.

About Ripromo
Ripromo creates character in Akihabara Tokyo Japan, utilize the social media and application to promote brand and provide license for characters.

What is Anipipo
Anipipo provides a new way for animation project owners to find funding to financially support the production of their animation project. Anipipo not only takes motion picture project, but also are also open to receive application for figures, music, games, books, and event project.

About Us
Company Name: GOOPA Inc.
Company Address: Minami-aoyama Building 4F, 2-11-13,
Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 107-0062
Established: 7th September, 2011
Co-founder and CEO: Hiroaki Taira

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