Dead1 Entertainment Announces Return To Anime Matsuri, Addition Of New Events And Cast Members

MUSKOGEE, OK – Jan 5, 2014 - Dead1 Entertainment has announced their return to Anime Matusri, an annual anime convention and car show that is scheuled to take place at the George R. Brown covention center in Houston, Texas from March 14th – 16th, as well as new addition to their lineup of programming and cast/crew members.

“We're excited to return to Anime Matsuri this year,” Doctor Awesome – who is the host of Dead1 Entertainment's shows – said. “We were deeply saddened to not be at the convention in 2013, but we're back, and we're better and funnier than ever.” Three shows have been planned for 2014:

The Anime Dating Game: Their classic show, were audience participants are asked questions by pre-registered cosplayers, similar to the old television show.

The Anime Dating Game After Dark: An adults-only edition of The Anime Dating Game.

DANCEMNIA!!!: An interactive show, in which audience members compete against convention guests and Dead1 Entertainment's crew in a game called Stepmania, which is a clone of the popular Dance, Dance Revolution video game series.

Doctor Awesome and Loco – the original cast and crew – will be joined this year by two new additions: Barbie Starr, from Muskogee, OK, and Shaggy, from Oklahoma City, OK. “I've been to a few anime conventions before, but this is my first time performing at one,” Barbie Starr says. “I'm excited to be on stage with my husband.”

Convention attendees who wish to pre-register to participate in The Anime Dating Game or The Anime Dating Game After Dark are encouraged to visit as spots are limited, and encourages all convention attendees to stay tuned to their Facebook page for information concerning scheduling and other important updates.

Dead1 Entertainment is a production company based out of Muskogee, OK that produces live shows and events with a focus on cross-cultural understanding and communication, as well as topics regarding culturally relevant issues. Anime Matsuri focuses on the promotion of anime and Japanese culture and its related industries in a fun event for the entire family.

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