Silent Manga Audition 2013: Compilation Book Receiving Acclaim From Legendary Names of Manga

The winner of truly global Manga / Comic award, had their work published to great acclaim by manga industry experts

Kichijoji, Tokyo, JAPAN - February 28, 2014

"Silent Manga Audition" is a Manga (Comic) award organised by established masters of manga (Japanese Comics), lead by Nobuhiko Horie ( CEO, Coamix corp. / former chief editor, Weekly Shonen Jump ).

In february 2014, 26 award winners from the first year of the audition had their manga published for the Japanese market, in one compilation volume. Eight of the chosen award winners also had their work published on Monthly Comic-Zenon.

Not only from general public, but response from those in manga industry has been tremendous. For publication of the book we had an honour of receiving endorsement comments from legendary figures of manga, including Motoo Abiko ( one half of "Fujiko-Fujio" Duo, co-author of "Doraemon", "Hattorikun", etc ), Go Nagai ("Devilman", "Mazinger Z", "Cutie Honey" etc.), Usamaru Furuya ( "Suicide Circle", "Tokyo Magnitude 8.0", "Palepoli" etc ) and many more.

Since the book's sale, we are receiving stream of encouraging comments from all levels of manga industry, including request to use them as teaching material in art schools by renowned manga artists. Further cementing our confidence that this is the "closest to industry" manga award, that is open to everybody, anywhere on Earth.

Entries for 2014 year round of Silent Manga Audition will close 31st of March 2014.

For more information on the award entry, please visit official website . Along with entry details, all of 2013 year round entries are available for viewing, with guest works by professional Manga artists.

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