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Silent Manga Audition 2014 : One Month Till the Deadline

The truly global Manga / Comic award, by established Manga Masters at Comic-Zenon, is accepting entries for the second year round.

Kichijoji, Tokyo, JAPAN - February 28, 2014

"Silent Manga Audition" is a Manga (Comic) award organised by established masters of manga (Japanese Comics). Lead by Nobuhiko Horie ( CEO, Coamix corp. / the former chief editor of world record holding Weekly Shonen Jump ), with authors of major Manga franchises such as "Fist of the North Star", "City Hunter" and many more.

The event's aims are simple : 1. Raise awareness about Manga around the globe. 2. Find and assist great talents around the world, providing award winners necessary training and exposure, to professional publishers.

"Silent Manga" is a unique concept in which "spoken words" are not allowed. Resulting in Manga that is not only enjoyable across language barriers, but also a great trial in author's drawing abilities.

We are receiving entries at a faster pace than last year's event, a proof that the world is awakening to the unique powers of Silent Manga.

Not only there are generous award winnings, this opportunity to have your Manga reviewed by renowned professionals, including team of manga editors who are behind some of biggest manga titles, is a one-a-year chance any aspiring comic artist can't afford to miss. We eager everyone to make the best out of it.

Entries for 2014 year round of Silent Manga Audition will close 31st of March 2014. There is still one month of time to complete a work for entry!

For more information on the award entry, please visit official website www.manga-audition.com . Along with entry details, all of 2013 year round entries are available for viewing, with guest works by professional Manga artists.

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