Phoenix Ikki HQS by Tsume Kurumada Masami Edition

We finally answer the prayers of all the fans who asked us to resurrect the Phoenix saint.
Ikki comes back to life in a manga colored version, tribute to Kurumada Masami.

2nd statue published by Tsume, Phoenix Ikki has been very successful and its 300 pieces
has been sold out quickly… to the great displeasure of our newly come fans.

Cyril Marchiol explains:

“When I started Tsume, our means were limited of course. Now, we make 600 pieces for
a gold saint. So obviously, only 300 pieces for a bronze saint is not enough and we
caused a lot of frustration.”

Now we offer a new version of Ikki, colored as in the manga. It can satisfy new fans
without betraying those who follow us since the beginning. That's the reason why its run
is more important than “classical” Ikki's, so that it can remain the most rare item of our

“We also wanted the new version to have a purpose. Being a tribute to the very man who
created this great universe, we really love the result. Ikki is the character that
changed the most between the manga and the anime
, the color set is very interesting
and this statue is eventually very different to the previous one.”

Phoenix Ikki by Tsume now available on preorder on Tsume's official website and
partner shops.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional material request or information.

Tsume is a company specialized in design of high quality statues in resin, numbered and limited edition. Tsume works with very famous licenses from the Japanese entertainment universe: One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Saint Seiya, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater or Assassin's Creed for Ubi Soft. Our last license is Street Fighter IV for the HQF by Tsume's range on a worldwide scale

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