'Cheating Craft' to be Broadcast on Tokyo MX1 October 5th

Cheating and Fighting to pass the school test in the new action battle anime
To be broadcast on Tokyo MX1 from Octobre 5th (Wed) at 18:30

Will the Thousand Arts of Shokatsu (Shokatsu Sen Jutsu) be useful to cheat on test?
The 1st Anime with cheating as theme starts!

"CHEATING CRAFT" will be start broadcasting in October as one of the work of the Haoliners animation brand. In the official website which opened today, people could access to character introduction, key visual and more. The main cast is played by Yamaguchi Tomohiro, Rie Kugimiya, Namikawa Daisuke, and other popular voice actors such as Rena Ueda.
The 1st of 12 episodes will be on air October 5th (Wed) on Tokyo MX1 at 18:30.
Look forward to it!

Official Website:http://www.cheating-craft.com
Official Twitter:@cheatingcraft / Hashtag #cheatingcraft
©2016 HAOLINERS/絵梦

University Exams are one of the most influential factors in one's early life. Depending on the results, a fantastic, high class, honorable life may await you. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you may be left only leftovers. In this type of battlefield atmosphere, students are always doing their best to “evolve” and survive.
“Learning Types” are students who have studied hard their whole lives and legitimately memorized everything they have studied, while “Cheating types” are those who, as the name suggests, only managed to climb the educational ladder by cheating.
Though sometimes they must cooperate with each other, there is a great rivalry between the two types. How will the hero “Mumei”, a C Type, followed by the heroin “Koi” a L-Type, struggle in those tests. Now a new battle, one beyond imagination, is about to begin.


Yamaguchi Tomohiro as Shokatsu Mumei
Kugimiya Rie as Oh Koi
Namikawa Daisuke as Shu Rinu
Ueda Rena as Ryu Haku
Ikeda Junya as Jun
Hikasa Yoko as Anri
Mitsuishi Kotono as Teacher Oh

Opening & Ending theme song:

The Opening theme song, “加速するトライアル”, is performed by the famous masked girls band, Kamen Joshi.
The Ending song “Welcome Future” is performed by Aina Kusuda while the lyrics are written by Saori Kodama, the music composed by Yamada Takahiro and arranged by Shinya Saitou to create a great pop song tuned for the anime.

Opening theme song
Title: 加速するトライアル
Artist: Kamen Joshi
Lyrics: Watanabe Shio
Composition, arrangement: Sakabe Gou

Ending theme song
Title: Welcome Future
Artist: Aina Kusuda
Lyrics: Saori Kodama
Composition: Takahiro Yamada
Arrangement: Saito Shinya

Director: Motonaga Keitaro
Series Configuration: Kono Takamitsu
Animation Character Design: Matsuura Mai
Sub Character Design: Tanaka Kie
Design Works: Onuki Kenishi
Prop Design: Iwabatake Goichi
Chief Animation Director: Matsuura Mai、Tanaka Kie、Tanigawa Ryosuke
Main Animator: Kamogawa Hiroshi
Art Set: Fujii Kazushi、Shinagawa Hiroki 、Aoki Tomoyuki
Art Director: Ichikura Kei
Color Design: Shinohara Aiko
Director of Photography: Imaizumi Hideki
Edit: Kimura Yoshiaki
Sound Director: Ebina Yasunori
Music: Sakabe Tsuyoshi
Animation production: BLADE

Do not miss the Haoliners Anime:
“Hitori no Shita The Outcast”: The Supernatural fighting anime is aired every Saturday on Tokyo MX1 at 21:00.

“To Be Hero”: The Comedy Battle anime will be broadcasted every Wednesday from October 5th on Tokyo MX1 at 18:30 right after “Cheating Craft”.

What is “Haoliners”? "Making more and more exciting animation!" is our catchphrase!

The animation's produced at the Shanghai studios all carry the name “Haoliners.” Currently, nearly 80% of all animation produced in China carry the brand name Haoliners. The origin of the name Haoliners comes from the founder and director of the Shanghai Haoliners Cultures Media Co., Ltd and director of Haoliners, Li Haoling. “Hao” meaning “excellence” in Chinese, and “line” representing the image of a something that goes in a straight course. The combination of both can also mean “Hao and his friends” but we prefer the metaphor of a studios aiming for excellence in order to create works that go straight to the heart of people. That is the meaning of Haoliners. Production made by the Japanese studio EMON will also carry the Haoliners mark.

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