Tsukino-Con to Host Patrick Seitz

Victoria, BC's annual anime convention announces new guest.

Victoria, BC — December 31st, 2017 — Tsukino-con proud to host writer, director and voice actor Patrick Seitz in its upcoming 2018 convention.

Beginning with small roles in 2000, Patrick Seitz has grown to be a prolific member of the voice acting community, with over 100 credits in anime and video games. Recognisable for gruff characters such as Franky from One Piece, Germany from Hetalia and Ragna from the BlazBlue series, Seitz can more recently be heard as Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizzare Adventure or Gamagoori in Kill la Kill, to name just a few.

Alongside his recognition as a voice actor, Seitz has also successfully been involved with the script adaptation for Steins;Gate, Space Dandy, and Princess Jellyfish, among others, while his credits as ADR director include Fire Emblem: Awakening, Wolf Children, and most recently Your Lie in April.
In addition to his many ADR and video game roles, Seitz also has performed for a number of western animated films, most recently the Pixar film Inside Out.

ABOUT TSUKINO-CON: Tsukino-Con is a non-profit, volunteer-run convention held annually at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia. The event is community-driven and independently run, and its members are dedicated to providing high quality content to a diverse and engaged fan base.

Tsukino-Con to host Patrick Seitz
Event Date: February 10-12th, 2018
Admission: $30 student/youth, $35 adult

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