Sabrina Grdevich, Barbara Radecki, and More Added to Guest List for Pretty Heroes Convention

Toronto, Ontario – April 15, 2018 – voice actors Sabrina Grdevich and Barbara Radecki to appear as voice actor guests of honour and be featured in a Sailor Moon themed panel including previously announced guest Vince Corazza. Other new additions include Illuminair Entertainment who will be performing multiple aerialist shows over the weekend, comic creators Emmanuelle Chateauneuf and Rossi Gifford, as well as a variety of cosplay and cosmodel guests. We previously announced that Matt Hill and Carly McKillip will also be featured in a Cardcaptors reunion panel.

Pretty Heroes (formerly Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration) will occur on June 16-17, 2018 at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This event is an official International Sailor Moon Day event and is sponsored by Moon Chase, Chop Shop Goods, and Girl Guides of Canada.

The multi-talented, multi-award winning Canadian actress Sabrina Grdevich has been active in the entertainment business since 1991 on screen and stage. Her distinguished theatre career led to roles in television, independent features, and eventually mainstream film. Fans of Sailor Moon will recognize Sabrina as the original voice of Sailor Pluto as well as the voice of the alien Anne Granger and various episodic characters.

Barbara Radecki worked for many years as an actor, performing in TV, film, and hundreds of commercials. She is known for voicing the role of Sailor Neptune in the original English dub of the popular Sailor Moon anime. For the last several years, she has turned her attention to writing. Her debut novel, THE DARKHOUSE, was released in Canada in October 2016. She is currently writing her second novel.

Matt Hill is recognizable to fans from many voice acting roles including the adorable guardian beast Keroberos from the Cardcaptors English dub. Some of his other recognizable roles include Kira on Gundam SEED, Bankotsu in Inuyasha, and Ed in Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Matt even jumped into the role (and suit) as Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.

Carly McKillip was the original voice of Sakura from the Cardcaptors English dub. She is also known as an actress, songwriter, musician, singer, musical engineer/editor, and music producer. She's gone far since her voice acting days and fans are encouraged to check out her band One More Girl for a sampling of her musical endeavours.

Vince Corazza played Darien Shields/Tuxedo Mask as well as the alien Alan Granger in the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon. His voice has been in thousands of commercials and he has been a signature voice for many major networks. Currently he is the promo voice of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. Vince has played roles in numerous animated TV shows and various successful video game franchises. His Narration credits are also numerous.

Illuminair Entertainment is Canada's go-to source for high-level “cosplay circus” – contemporary circus shows designed by and for fans! The Toronto-based troupe of circus artists have performed their signature acts at various conventions and have nearly a decade of experience in the field.

From Chapterhouse Publishing, comic creators Emmanuelle Chateauneuf (Queen Street) and Rossi Gifford (Spirit Leaves) will be appearing to showcase their work and will be available for drawing commissions.

Cosplay guests for this year include Ammie Cosplay, Chibi Lenne, Breathelifeindeeply, SoManyJets Cosplay, and Stavvy Cosplay. Cosmodel guests include The Last Son and Seaveela. Personality guest Bear Sailor Moon will also be returning as the director and master of ceremonies for the masquerade costume contest in addition to a musical performance.

About Pretty Heroes: Organized by Emily Gonsalves, this is the fourth year running a convention with her team in Toronto. Originally started as the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration, the event is expanding under a new brand name to incorporate additional franchises featuring strong female characters. It is the first and currently only “girl power” themed pop culture convention in the Greater Toronto Area. The convention team is unpaid – this event is run by fans for fans.

About Moon Chase: a Sailor Moon focused website ( and network of social media profiles, run as a non-profit initiative. Founded to share information about Sailor Moon sightings and news from around the world, with the primary audience being English speaking North America. The network currently focuses on sharing fan creations as well as general news, merchandise information, and more – all with a Sailor Moon related focus.

About Chop Shop Goods: Our official clothing sponsor started back in 2012 providing custom orders for local friends and family. The team decided to take their love of pop culture and all things nerdy and bring their designs and custom print shop on the road. They started to showcase themselves at Comic Cons and anime shows and currently handle approximately 25 weekend shows per year. They continue to strive to provide great designs and a wonderful experience when at events allowing customers to be creative by choosing their design and shirt colors as garments are printed for them during the events. More information about them is available at

About Girl Guides of Canada: the organization of choice for girls and women that aims to make a positive difference in the life of every girl and woman who experiences Guiding so they can contribute responsibly to their communities. Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world. Sponsoring a selection of activities at the event, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about getting involved with this non-profit organization. More information about them is available at

About International Sailor Moon Day: founded by Sailor Moon fans in 2014 to celebrate the longevity and worldwide impact of Naoko Takeuchi's classic magical girl series. More information is available at

Pretty Heroes Admission: $40 early bird, $50 pre-registration, $60 at the door for general weekend admission including exhibit access. Youth 6-11 are $10 off weekend admission. Children 3-5 are $16 early bird, $18 pre-reg, $20 at the door for weekend exhibit access (main events only are free for children 3-5). Children 2 and under are completely free. Single day admission, shopping only single day admission, and add-ons are also available. Complete information on ticket prices and how to buy tickets are available at
Hours: 10:30am to 9pm on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 and 10am to 6pm on Sunday, June 17th, 2018.
Programming Highlights: question and answer sessions with guests, cosplay panels, cosplay contest hosted by Bear Sailor Moon, video game area, fan-run panels, crafting, and more.

For additional information, including how to buy tickets, please visit

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