Naruto Has Come Back with a New Type of Manga E-Reader, Believe It

Project to publish the complete Naruto collection on "eOneBook" dual screen reader.

TOKYO, JAPAN — July 4, 2019 — Progress Technologies announced today that it launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a dedicated manga reader called "eOneBook" with the complete Naruto collection in English. The device has a high resolution two-page digital display in a case designed to look and feel like a paperback manga. Naruto eOneBook condenses all 72 volumes of Naruto and 1 volume of Naruto Gaiden Spinoff in one compact volume. What's even more special is an exclusive dust jacket newly drawn by Masashi Kishimoto!

The eOneBook project began on Kickstarter in September 2017. Its first release was limited to a single manga series of "Fist of the North Star" ( which comes pre-loaded and cannot be updated or changed. This time, the device has been refined adding new value that allows you to swap manga titles by SD cards compatible with eOneBook.

The campaign will end on August 13 and start shipping in December 2019.

'Naruto' written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto is set in the world of the "Five Great Shinobi Nations." The protagonist Uzumaki Naruto, a young ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village, dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. Overcoming many hardships and ordeals, Naruto grows into a powerful ninja along with his comrades.

The popular manga has been published in Shonen Jump magazine for over 15 years beginning in 1999. With many beloved characters and the unique world concept making use of cultural references from Japanese mythology, it is loved by people both at home in Japan and abroad.The manga series has sold more than 235 million copies worldwide in 35 countries, and the animated series adaptation has been aired in over 80 countries and regions across the globe.

ABOUT PROGRESS TECHNOLOGIES INC.: A Tokyo-based technical service for design development, consisted of passionate and highly skilled engineers. With the strong background of engineering, Progress Technologies is conducting product development from planning to manufacturing stage. Its goal is to create products that offer new experiences for customers.

Naruto eOneBook Kickstarter Campaign

Naruto eOneBook Press Kit

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