The Song of Saya Releasing on Steam, Gets Major 'Remaster' Update

Video game publisher JAST USA is releasing a new remastered version of the visual novel masterpiece Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya for the first time on Steam. It will be available for purchase on August 13.

This new release of The Song of Saya includes a major technical update that improves on the fidelity of the visual novel experience. It runs on a new engine that, among other things, adds enhanced resolution options for the game's visuals. To take advantage of this, all the illustrations for the game were re-scanned to more than double the resolution found in the original release. The text has been polished by the original translator as well, making the already great localization even better.

Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya is a gripping horror romance that asks how far you are willing to go for love. The story follows a university student who receives experimental brain surgery after a traumatic accident, and is left with warped senses that perceive the world as a wasteland of pulsating flesh and twisted monsters. His only light in this hellish wasteland comes from a mysterious girl named Saya.

The director and scenario writer for The Song of Saya is the acclaimed Gen Urobuchi, who also helped create anime series such as Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, and Psycho-Pass.

However, given the sexual themes in the original release, some content deemed unsuitable for Steam has been removed in this release of The Song of Saya.

For those who want the whole experience, the uncut remastered version of The Song of Saya will also be available for purchase in both digital and collector's disc versions from JAST USA and other online stores. For current owners of the original 2013 English release of The Song of Saya, there is more good news. JAST USA is releasing free update patch that will apply all the above upgrades to their existing game. This free download will be available at the JAST USA website.

Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya is developed by Nitroplus, known for other great titles such as Sonicomi and Steins;Gate. JAST USA has been localizing their games for the world market for over 10 years, the first such release being Deus Machina Demonbane.

JAST USA has been publishing Japanese games and visual novels since 1996. Their past releases include both general audience and mature adult-only titles. You can find their games on Steam and their own digital storefront.

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