Winning Works Decided in Audition for Original Characters Themed After 'With Japan!'

Toho x ALPHABOAT x Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc . Hold GEMSTONE
Creators' Audition Round 2
Winning Works Decided in Audition for Original Characters
Themed After “With Japan!”

Characters that can spread the charms of Japan were submitted from not just Japan but all over the world for
“With Japan!”, the second part of the creator discovery audition project GEMSTONE created by Toho Co., Ltd.
and ALPHABOAT. The judging panel that included two big names in Japanese pop culture, Sebastian
Masuda and Rin Kaname (from, have decided the winning works!

GEMSTONE is a project from Toho and ALPHABOAT to discover raw talent (such as animators, illustrators,
songwriters, singers, actors, and other talented individuals) and work with the artists to give them an even
bigger platform. Following the first round's theme of “Godzilla,” the theme of the second round is “With
Japan!”. Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc., a company that spreads proud Japanese otaku subculture to the world, is
also cooperating with Toho and ALPHABOAT on the project. For Round 2, entrants from not just Japan but
around the world submitted a 3-minute video explaining their original character that can spread the charms of
Japan. The winners will receive the chance to participate in an official ceremony at Anime NYC, New
York's largest anime convention, along with prize money (totalling 1 million yen), and the chance to work
on developing a new project with Toho, ALPHABOAT, and Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Sebastian Masuda, who spreads Japan's kawaii culture to the world, and Rin Kaname from the idol group were in charge of final judging. Also on the judging panel from Toho was Keiji Ota, Executive
Film Producer and Chief Godzilla Officer (CGO), and Wakana Okumura, a producer known for her work on
“Haikyu!!” and “My Hero Academia.”

The final round of judging is over and the four winning works have been decided!

Also, 3 works were picked as judges' recommendations!

The judges' comments on the prize-winning and recommended works are printed in their
entirety on the official GEMSTONE homepage. Also, comments from the executive office for
the works that unfortunately did not win but passed the first round of judging have also been
published to the site.
Furthermore, all works that passed the first round of judging have been uploaded to the
official GEMSTONE YouTube channel.
Nekomata Nyantaro:
Fuji Jr.:

[ GEMSTONE Creators' Audition Details ]
・The theme of the second audition is “With Japan!”
・We will accept applications from around the world for an original character that can be
internationally loved using the theme of “Japan.”
・Application Period: Monday, July 1 to Monday, Sep. 2, 2019 at 6:00 PM (JST).
・Entries that pass the first round will be announced on GEMSTONE's official YouTube
channel after September.
・Cash Prize: 1 million yen
・Winners will have the chance to produce projects with Toho Co., Ltd., ALPHABOAT, and
Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
・Judges: Sebastian Masuda, Rin Kaname (Perorin-sensei), Keiji Ota, and Wakana Okamura
・Official Site:
・GEMSTONE Official Twitter: @GEMSTONE_JP

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