【Anique】Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 Joint Partner Project

Be the evidence of Motoko Artwork's Existence on Blockchain

Anique Inc. (located in Shibuya, Tokyo. CEO: Taichi Nakamura) has announced a new project, in which users can become the joint partners of artworks from GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 on blockchain. Along with the exclusive premiere of GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 on Netflix, 3 artworks created by the character designer of the series, Ilya Kuvshinov, will be available on Anique. Starting from May 20th, users may become the joint partners of the artworks.

GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 Joint Partner Project」
Project Page: https://lp.anique.jp/en/cp/gitssac2045/
Application Period: May 20, 2020 ~ June 22, 2020 21:00 ※Japan Standard Time

Anique's mission is to create an eternal relationship between artworks and fans by providing fans special experiences.
In this project, along with the worldwide premiere of GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045, the goal is to have all the fans around the world gather to become the evidence that the artwork of Motoko Kusanagi does exist on digital.

GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045』Joint Partners Privileges

■Privilege No.1: Become the Joint Partner with the Creators
Your partner name will be credited with the creators who created GHOST IN THE SHELL SAC_2045. We issue digital certificates that record the partner names for each artwork.

※You may become the partner of multiple artworks.
※Joint Partnership is ¥1,500 (tax excl.)

■Privilege No.2: A Unique and Original Section 9 ID Only for You
The moment you become a joint partner, you will receive a unique 66-digit ID (Blockchain Transaction ID). This ID is constructed by a special font that is designed with elements of the members of Section 9. Your unique ID is used in all privileges.

■Privilege No.3: Unique Framed Artwork
Artworks that are drawn by the character designer, Ilya Kuvshinov, with love and respect to the series. The framed artwork is printed in ultra-high quality and can be only ordered by the partner for once.
Your unique Section 9 ID will also be engraved on the framed artwork, making it a one and only item.

※Framed Artwork is ¥50,000 (tax excl.)
※Frame Size is 445mm・370mm・25mm

■Privilege No.4: The One and Only Artwork T-shirt
A unique T-shirt with your own 66-character ID on it, which makes this a one and only T-shirt in the world, representing the theme of the series, singularity.

※T-shirt is ¥7,000 yen (tax excl.)
※Size S,M,L,XL
S Size H:69cm W:52cm
M Size H:73cm W:55cm
L Size H:77cm W:58cm
XL Size H:81cm W:63cm

■Privilege No.5: Unique Cyberbrain Exoskeleton (Smartphone Case)
In nowadays, we could call our smartphone our external cyberbrain, and the case for it would be its exoskeleton. Your unique ID will be printed on it to make sure its originality. And that is an item representing the idea of STAND ALONE.

※Case is ¥5,000 (tax excl.)
※Supported Devices:
iPhone 7・8・SE (2nd Gen)
iPhone 7 Plus・8 Plus

iPhone X・XS
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Caution: Please note that the copyright of the artwork still belongs to the creator. Copying the artwork, selling or distributing the printed artwork, etc., any kind of commercial use is prohibited.

GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045』Introduction
Cybercrime is rampant in a near future where advances in technology allow people to augment their minds with "cyberbrains". Full-body cyborg Motoko Kusanagi commands the crime-fighting organization known as Public Security Section 9.

A wide variety of material based on Shirow Masamune's THE GHOST IN THE SHELL comic has been released in the years following its publication in 1989, such as the animated film or the Hollywood live-action adaptation Ghost in the Shell. This gold standard in near-future science fiction, with its edgy aesthetic and compelling worldbuilding and visual expression that has influenced creative talent around the globe over the years, is about to offer up a new vision of the future.

Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series) and Shinji Aramaki (APPLESEED series) will jointly direct, and the original cast of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, including Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Otsuka, and Kōichi Yamadera, are all returning. An all-new story featuring dynamic cyberpunk action and Motoko Kusanagi and her team is about to be told.
The animation is by Production I.G and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS.

The Netflix original anime series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 begins exclusive worldwide streaming on April 23, 2020.

In the year 2045, after an economic disaster known as the Synchronized Global Default, rapid developments in AI propelled the world to enter a state of “Sustainable War”. However, the public is not aware of the threat that AI has towards the human race.

Full-body cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi and her second-in-command Batou are former members of Public Security Section 9, who are now hired mercenaries traveling hot devastated American west coast. This land is full of opportunity for the major and her team, they utilize their enhanced cyberbrains and combat skills from their time working in Section 9. However, things get complicated with the emergence of “post humans,” who have extreme intelligence and physical powers. The members of Section 9 comeback together again in order to face this new threat.

▼Company Information
Company Name: Anique Inc.
Representative: CEO Taichi Nakamura
Business Category: Internet Service
Homepage: https://anique.jp/

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