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From 'Date A Bullet: Nightmare Of Queen', The 2nd Part Of Theatrical Anime, 'Date A Live Spin-Off: Date A Bullet', The ED Theme & BGM + Lyric Video(Teaser) Of The ED Theme 'Precious' Performed By RinamooN Are Now Available

Date A Live" is a light novel series in "Dragon Magazine" (published by Fantasia Bunko). This popular series has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide known for three TV anime and film adaptations. The fan-favorite sequel anime "Date A Live IV" is in the works.
The 2nd part of the spin-off "Date A Bullet" "Nightmare or Queen" is currently being screened at selected theaters in Japan. The ending theme and BGM of the project starts streaming/download today.
The ending theme song is "Precious" by RinamooN. Don't miss Lyric Video (Teaser) which was premiered on Nippon Colombia's YouTube channel today.
In addition, 'Infermata', the opening theme song composed and arranged by Go Sakabe, who has been involved in theme songs and BGM throughout the series is now on streaming as well. Check it out with the main program of the film.

■The CD Info
ED theme and BGM from the 2nd part of “Date A Bullet

1.”Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen” ED Theme ”Precious”
Lyrics:Shio Watabe Composition/Arrangement:Go Sakabe Performed by RinamooN
2.” Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen” ED Theme “Precious” Instrumental
3.The Piece of White
4. Zero Time Left
5.Dream or Real
6.Floating in the Sky
9.The Queen of White
10.Hidden Tale
11.Dance with Bullets


RinamooN is an extended unit project in which Rina Tsukishiro sings as "Rina" and the ending theme "Precious" is her debut song.

Rina Tsukishiro Profile
Date of birth: February 25, 1997
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
Dialect: Enshu dialect
Twitter: @TsukishiroRina

■ Streaming/Download Links

■ Video Link
Lyric Video (Teaser) of The ED theme of the 2nd theatrical anime, “Date A Bullet: Nightmare of Queen” and BGM

■ CDs

■The 2nd part of the spin-off "Date A Bullet" "Nightmare or Queen" is currently being screened at selected theatres from November 13, 2020

■The 1st part: Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet is now on streaming till 31st of Dec

Based on the novel by Yuichiro Higashide and Koji Tachibana (KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. / Fantasia Bunko)
Original illustration by NOCO
Director: Jun Nakagawa
Screenplay: Higashide Yuichiro
Character Design: Naoto Nakamura
Animation production: GEEKTOYS

Tokisaki Kyuzo: Sanada Asami
The White Queen: Saori Ōnishi
Hibiki Hibiki: Hondo Kaede
Aoi: Mariya Ise
Ibusuki Pannier: Rina Hidaka
Saga Taketada: Seto Asami
Isami Hijikata: Natsumi Fujiwara

Official Site
©2020 東出祐一郎・橘公司・NOCO/KADOKAWA/「デート・ア・バレット」製作委員会

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