AmPm Team Up with Doul: Japanese Masked Production Duo Collaborate with Spotify RADAR Breaking Artist for New Song and Video

With their 2017 debut hit 'Best Part Of Us feat. Michael Kaneko' racking up over 35 million plays on Spotify alone, Japanese masked production duo AmPm have grown a fan base all around the world. Today they release their new digital single 'On The Black and White feat. Doul', a collaboration with breaking artist Doul.

AmPm 'On The Black and White feat. Doul':

'On The Black and White feat. Doul' is a collaboration cowritten with teenage musician Doul, who has been generating significant buzz since her debut last year. The song combines her uniquely frank and confessional lyrics about her internal struggles with a chilled yet beautiful melody line, overlapping rap bars, and a serious-sounding groove.

The digital release is accompanied by a music video directed by BOAT, the creative team from Fukuoka that originally connected AmPm with Doul. Shot in Fukuoka, the video captures teenage artist Doul's surprisingly mature outlook on life; meanwhile, despite wearing their ever-present masks, the members of AmPm also leave a lasting impression. Check out the video for yourself below.

AmPm 'On The Black and White feat. Doul' music video:

Doul, who wrote the lyrics and music for this song, is a 17-year-old Japanese artist whose international breakthrough began when her Instagram account was followed by the globally revered producer Diplo. She produces everything from her own lyrics and songs to styling and videos. Doul was selected by Spotify as part of its ‘RADAR: Early Noise 2021’ playlist that showcases emerging artists with potential for global success, and she is clearly on the cusp of very big things.

In comments from AmPm and Doul, the artists expressed their admiration for one another and their creative aspirations for this collaboration.

Comment from AmPm

“We have been interested in Doul ever since we heard her track ‘16yrs’, and we asked the creative team BOAT in Fukuoka to introduce us. When AmPm played at an event called The Creators last October in Fukuoka, on the spur of the moment we invited her to join us at the end of our set, and so we went straight from meeting for the first time to performing together on stage. That was the starting point for this collaboration.

“We made a bunch of demo tracks and gave them to Doul, and asked her to add a melody and lyrics to whichever track she liked. Then we recorded the song in Fukuoka. The track has a downbeat loop and a serious-sounding groove, and Doul sings and raps in her own unique style about the conflicts she faces in her life.”

Comment from Doul

“This was my first time to be featured on a release by another artist, so it was a fresh experience. The lyrics will hopefully mean something different to each listener, and they ask various questions that I personally would love to hear everyone's response to. The song avoids the received wisdom that ‘black equals dark and scary’ and ‘White equals beauty and emptiness’, because I know from experience that there are some things you cannot fully understand until you fight through them yourself.

“I enjoyed working with AmPm and BOAT, and the collision of their awesomeness with my own ‘Doostyle’ resulted in an interesting production. And the video is insanely cool, so please check it out! It was freeeeezing when we shot it!”

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Artist: AmPm

Title: 'On The Black and White feat. Doul'

Release date: January 27, 2021

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Artist: AmPm

Title: 'hurt you feat. Michael Kaneko & Nao Kawamura'

Released October 21, 2020

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About AmPm

AmPm are a masked production duo from Japan who made a major global impact with their March 2017 debut track, ‘Best Part of Us’. The same year, they were the only Japanese artist to perform at Spotify On Stage, a festival in Indonesia hosted by Spotify. In 2018, they dominated stages around the world, from Ultra Miami to shows in Korea and Japan, and even a headline concert in New York. In addition to releasing their own original music, AmPm have remixed tracks by popular overseas artists such as AfroJack, R3HAB and Nicky Romero, along with remixes for renowned Japanese artists like Gesu no Kiwami Otome (‘Black Parade’) and MONKEY MAJIK (‘Tokyo Lights’), and production for Ken Hirai's track ‘Holic’. Collaborating with a plethora of dance-music vocalists, they have released more than 20 tracks to date. In March 2019, they were recognized at the Digital Contents of the Year 2018 / 24th AMD Award, winning the Special Jury Award. In June 2019, they produced V6's ‘All For You’. Today AmPm are one of Japan's most in-demand music production exports, with fans among artists and music lovers alike.

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About Doul

Doul is a 17-year-old artist from Fukuoka, Japan. This totally self-produced musician was featured on Spotify's ‘RADAR:Early Noise 2021’ playlist, a series that has helped break many hot acts over the years. In September 2020, her debut single ‘16yrs’ seemed to appear out of nowhere, suddenly gaining plays in more than 90 countries around the world. It has already been added to more than 9,000 playlists, including major playlists in the United States. On the day of the song's release, Doul was unexpectedly followed on Instagram by Diplo, causing a buzz that continues to this day.

Doul's latest single ‘Howl’ was released in December and was another worldwide sensation, ranking at No.7 on Spotify's Viral 50 Japan chart. With almost zero planned media exposure, Doul's singing voice, music and identity have attracted Generation Z fans from around the world.

A talent that defies nationality and borders, that could only exist in the here and now. An artist born in the YouTube/subscription generation who freely and unconsciously borrows from music, fashion and art from the 1960s to 2021, flitting lightly beyond eras, genres, borders and genders. The music and visual artworks Doul produces are nostalgic yet carry a completely modern sense of discomfort. Meanwhile, her secret weapon – her astonishing live performance power – is still unknown to most; once the full extent of her talents have been unleashed, there will be no stopping her.

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