Animate International Opens Pre-orders for Steins;Gate Kurisu Makise Headphones Glasses and More

TOKYO JAPAN – January 28, 2021 12:00 PM – A set of eyewear based on STEINS;GATE's Kurisu Makise's glasses, including specially designed headphones glasses, glasses cases and cleaning cloths, are now available for pre-order at animate International.

■Pre-order here:

➡ STEINS;GATE Kurisu Makise Headphones Glasses [Blue Light Blocking Lenses]
¥7,500 Release Date: June 2021
※Pre-orders close 02/21/2021

These completely original frames were designed especially for this item! They are printed with her lab member logo & number, and familliar emojiヽ (*゚д゚)ノカイバー

The insides of the frames are equipped with comfortable cushioning, alleviating pressure when worn with headphones and/or masks.
※Headphones/headphone function not included.
The transparent red frames are perfect for both cosplay as well as everyday use! You can even have the lenses of this practical item replaced at an eyewear store! The lenses pre-installed block blue light, so you can also use them as computer glasses!

・Regarding lens replacement:
Your local eyewear store can replace the lenses for a fee. Please note that price etc. will depend on the store, focal power, etc.

Lens Width: Approx. 51mm
Lens Height: Approx. 25.5mm
Temples: Approx. 135mm (when straight)
Bridge: Approx. 16mm

Rims: Acetate
Temples: Stainless Steel

Standard Computer Use Lens
Blue Light Blocking Rate: Approx. 30% Cut
UV Cut Rate: Approx. 95%

Made in China

©MAGES. /Nitroplus

➡ STEINS;GATE Glasses Case & Cloth Set (A)
➡ STEINS;GATE Glasses Case & Cloth Set (B)

¥1,500 Release Date: June 2021
※Pre-orders close 02/21/2021

From STEINS;GATE comes a glasses case & cloth set!
Both sides of the glasses case feature a simple design made up of the Future Gadget Lab, STEINS;GATE, and Lab Member logos.
The cleaning cloth features gorgeous art by the creator! This microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning dust and fingerprints from your glasses and/or smartphone.

※Hand wash and dry in shade.
※Some discoloration and/or shrinkage may occur as a result of washing.

ーGlasses Caseー
L: Approx. 60mm
W: Approximately 160mm
H: Approx. 35mm
Artificial Leather

ーCleaning Clothー
150mm x 150mm

Made in China

©MAGES. /Nitroplus

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