Eden's Ritter 1:2 - Priestess of Pleasure Coming to Steam May 14

TOKYO, JAPAN – May 7, 2021

"Eden's Ritter 1:2 - Priestess of Pleasure", a darkly erotic, adults-only medieval fantasy visual novel developed by Waffle, is the second entry chronologically in the Eden's Ritter series. It will see its first international release on May 14, 2021, on Steam, with an English localization by Shiravune.
Six months after the events of "Eden's Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy", new tendrils of conspiracy stretch towards Princess Cecily and her knight Noein, lusting more fiercely than ever to destroy and degrade them! The two must fight for their love and the citizenry, in the face of a resurgent threat that will test their virtue past its limits...


Half a year after the lustfiend invasion initiated by the traitor Archbishop Rudolf—
The Elleraldian throne is Cecily's, and to her too fall two heavy burdens: she must rebuild the nation into prosperity while fending off the ever-growing lustfiend threat.
Through countless lewd and diabolical trials, Cecily has grown into a strong woman worthy of her reputation as a saint.
Her strength will soon be tested, though, as an ominous shadow encroaches on her holy kingdom. Foul undead trample the sacred soil, tracking gravedirt into the cathedrals that are the strongholds of Ellerald's uniting faith. Meanwhile, along the northern border with the militaristic empire of Galveria, hitherto unknown monsters wreak havoc on the land. And around Cecily a rising darkness coils, lurking in plain sight, awaiting the moment to ensnare the royal priestess-knight and once more subject her to torments anew...

Launching with all the content of the Japanese release, "Eden's Ritter 1:2 - Priestess of Pleasure" will be ready for action in just one week on May 14, 2021! Wishlist now, and don't miss the launch discount!

ABOUT Shiravune

Shiravune is a Tokyo-based visual novel localization team dedicated to bringing Japanese games to a wider audience in English and Chinese. Shiravune's localization & publishing portfolio includes the samurai mystery Master Magistrate, the supernatural horror/romance Iwaihime, PC versions of the tactics-RPG visual novel Utawarerumono series and the hyperkinetic rush that is Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. Follow @shiravune on Twitter for the latest announcements.

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