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Shipping Worldwide: animate International Opens Pre-Orders for Social Media-Linked Character Song CD Project “Clock over ORQUESTA”

“Clock over ORQUESTA” is a new multimedia project that combines character songs, social media and audio dramas, featuring duets between exciting match-ups of male and female voice actors. The first season BATTLE CD series is available now at animate International.

Purchases will come with animate exclusive bonus button badges, and purchases of the full series will come with a set of 12 animate exclusive acrylic stands.

▼About “Clock over ORQUESTA”…
Twelve protagonists are brought by a mysterious porcelain doll named Tink to Never↓and, a land of dreams, where they become lost.

In Neverland, the protagonists find themselves turned into young boys - and in order to make their dearest wish from the real world come true, they are required to fight.

The winners will see their wishes made real. The losers will drown in dreams, never to return home. Forced into a battle royale of desire, these twelve protagonists set out in the ruins of the world of dreams to begin a tale of zeroes and ones.
■Pre-order Page

■Product Information ¥1,300 Each
The Real World self (young man) and Neverland self (young boy) come together in duet.
This first album, CLOQUESTA, features character image songs created by Vocaloid producers.
These tracks have been remixed into "Never↓and" versions featuring the female voice actresses singing the Young Boy parts.
The third and final track features an audio drama depicting the day before each character fell into Neverland.

8/2/2021 Release
①Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.01 ICHIYA TOKITO dolente
②Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.02 RIKKA TENMA agitato

2021/10/13 Release
③Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.03 NIKA SAKURAKOJI elegante
④Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.04 NANASE TENMA giocoso

12/1/2021 Release
⑤Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.05 ZUMA TSUYURI scherzando
⑥Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.06 KONOE KOKONOE dolce

1/19/2022 Release
⑦Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.07 MITO AZUSAWA cantabile
⑧Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.08 IOSUKE OTOHA risoluto

3/9/2022 Release
⑨Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.09 YAIRO SAKAKI marciale
⑩Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.10 KAZUTO HARUMI pastoso

4/27/2022 Release
⑪Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.11 TOKIHITO FUWA portando
⑫Clock over ORQUESTA First season BATTLE Vol.12 REIJI TOKITO quieto

■Bonus Information
animate Bonus: Cover Art Button Badge
animate Bonus (Vol. 1-12 Full Set Purchase Bonus): Acrylic Stand x12 (All Characters Doll Design ver)
Packaged Bonus: Voting Slip for Battle Vote 100pt
※Voting Slips included with CDs are printed with a serial code. Each code can be used once during the eligible period.
※Please note that offer ends as soon as bonus stock runs out.
(c)viviON / EISYS, Inc.
About animate

animate is Japan's largest anime shop chain, with more than 120 stores in all 47 Japanese prefectures.
We also deliver limited edition products and exclusive bonuses which are available only through our stores and online shop.
Through our exclusive products and services, we aim to become the go-to online shop for all your anime needs.
Store https://www.animate.shop | Twitter https://twitter.com/animateInternat |

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