The Battle Cats Go Head-to-Head with Kunio-kun in a Limited Time Collaboration Campaign

PONOS Corporation's flagship tower defense game app The Battle Cats welcomes Kunio-kun of the classic River City video game series during collab event Hotblooded Cat Clash, starting Monday, October 4th, 2021 (11:00am), continuing until Monday, August 18th, 2021 (11:00am).

The limited-time “Hotblooded Clash” collab capsules only available during this campaign offer players a special service: an 11-capsule draw made during this event will reward players with exclusive hero “Kunio-kun” as a bonus 12th capsule! Level up and evolve Kunio-kun to reveal new powers, then use him to activate the “Don't Mess With Me!” Cat Combo to give a power boost to your whole Cat Army!

The collab also offers exciting new special maps with a Sports Day theme, including Hotblooded Ball Rolling, Hotblooded Three-Leg Race, and Hotblooded Challenge Course, each with a different concept and offering a different set of rewards on stage clear! Get fired up and win the day for the Cats!

Get even more rewards by clearing Hotblooded Cat Clash limited collab missions! Enjoy all the new features and then collect bonuses for your achievements!

And just by logging into the Cat Base each day during the collab event, earn a login stamp and collecting bigger and better rewards for each stamp received.

Don't miss out on this hotblooded competition between Kunio-kun and the Battle Cats, available for a short time only until October 18th!

Since his arcade debut in May 1986, developer Technōs Japan's Kunio-kun has been a beloved figure in the world of Japanese video games. This fearless fighter has appeared to face off with rival Riki in classics such as Renegade, Super Dodge Ball and River City Ransom.

Based in Kyoto, Japan, PONOS Corporation has been producing games since 1990, committed to exceeding the expectations of players of all ages with creative, quirky concepts built upon solid gameplay foundations. PONOS is now focused on mobile app development and publishing, with flagship title The Battle Cats having gained over 60 million downloads worldwide.

Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense
OS Requirements: iOS 10.0, Android OS 5.0
Homepage: Download for iOS & Android: Copyright ©PONOS Corp.

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