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Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin In The Mountain Coming 2024 To Steam

TOKYO, JAPAN – APRIL 12, 2024.

Shiravune is pleased to announce that Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain from the developers at Karin Project will be coming to Steam in 2024!

The game is a dungeon management simulation game in which you oversee the construction of a labyrinth for the diabolical demon queen Karin, who has risen anew. Train monsters to defend your dungeon and build amenities to shake intruders down for cash before you send them packing!

As of April 12, the game is now available for wishlisting on Steam.
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1552140?utm_source=enpr 

After a thousand-year nap sealed deep inside a mountain, the diabolical demon queen Karin is about to be unleashed once more!

Expand your budding labyrinth, and strengthen your squads of fearsome (but cute) demons!
Build amenities to shake intruders down for cash, then send them packing with well-placed traps and bosses!

Sponsored by the demon queen of legend, it's time to devise a dungeon worthy of your new favorite despot!

Your dungeon will start with only four rooms, but by spreading the word to nearby people and monsters, you can lure them into your labyrinth to hunt for your hoard. Construct gardens, fishing rooms, statues, and more to catch their attention and extract their cash—but remember to build enough traps and arenas for your generals to expel them before they can break through the dungeon's heart and get their hands on YOUR loot!

As you play, new generals and monsters will join your forces. Assign them into squads, then use your hard-earned funds and upgrade items to power them up with ever-increasing stats! Remember to match monsters and generals with strong synergies: only together will they be able to keep your precious hoard safe from those greedy, money-grubbing adventurers!

Every time you finish a playthrough, you'll get a rating and maybe an achievement... but is that really as far as you can go?! Start a New Game and carry over your data—your dungeon will start from scratch, but your units' power will remain, allowing you to reach new areas and encounter more lucrative dupes to attract to your dungeon and trounce for cash. Eventually, you'll unlock the Compass, a powerful magical artifact that lets you unlock new room types and power up your forces to even greater heights that'll stay with you into the next run!

Voice: Kana Nojima
TYPE: Demonfolk / JOB: Demon Queen
Deep within Mount Giou, the Demon Queen ponders.
She's been sealed in here for almost a thousand years now... so what happened to her Reincarnation Insurance?
The Demon Queen does not rage, nor cause the earth to tremble. She accepts her fate with royal equanimity—she's just bored.
All she can do is wait, so wait she does, and lately she ponders a strange premonition.
She foresees that soon, a man will come, and together the two will build a glorious dungeon.
The finest dungeon in the world—a place where man and demon alike will one day feel at home.

"World conquest? How short-sighted."

Voice: Erena Kaibara
TYPE: Demonfolk / JOB: Demon Saleswoman
It is a blemish on Fuu's company's name to have misplaced a Demon Queen Reincarnation Insurance contract.
But Fuu is not planning on giving up easily! If the contract was made, then it must be fulfilled.
Even if that comes at the cost of one demon saleswoman's promising career...
Gyunguska, Inc. does not allow failures. Whatever is needful for the Demon Queen's revival, Fuu will be certain to find.
And when she finds the final piece of the puzzle, Fuu will put on a big smile, and say:
"Is something the matter, Mister Adventurer?"

"Now, Mister, if you'll just peruse this catalog..."

Voice: Kanau
TYPE: Demonfolk / JOB: Berserker
Where IS this place? I'm gettin' hungry... The Demon Queen's summoned muscle wanders lost in the labyrinth.
Oh, how she longs for the days when all she had to do was fight, and fight, and fight some more...
But now she's lost, and there's a wall in the way. Gonna have to smash it, I guess.
Needless to say, the dungeon needed that wall where it was.
"There she is! Pen her in! Catch her!"
The demons of the dungeons stand in her path. If she lets them catch her, the worst that she's in for is a soft bed and a warm meal.
But the mighty Karon hasn't put that together! She raises her weapon again, and another expensive wall falls down before her...

"You wanna go lift weights?"

Voice: Miru
TYPE: Human / JOB: Sorcerer
Keifa is a mistress of dark magicks, the controller of eldritch forces beyond the reach of ordinary mortals.
She has an obvious interest in demonfolk, and so it's only natural—nay, inevitable!—that she's irresistibly drawn to the Demon Queen herself.
If I—ahem, she—were to be offered a position as the Demon Queen's advisor, it follows inexorably that humanity would never stand a chance.
Ahh, Your Devilishness! How I yearn for you! Please, take me into your dark graces!
Huh? You expect me to work with this filthy man? He's the manager of the dungeon?! Am I in hell? Well, that's what I signed up for.
I'll simply have to demonstrate my obvious superiority in practical terms.
And then I—ahem, Keifa—will conquer the world by the Demon Queen's side. Unlikely?! You be quiet, nobody asked you!

"I would do anything for the Demon Queen!"

Voice: Haruka Fukai
TYPE: Demonfolk (Ogre) / JOB: Warrior
With a brash laugh and an arrogant stride, Shunran strolls around the dungeon like she owns the place. She cuts a gallant figure, drawing eyes and attention, and everyone who sees her knows: this isn't a woman you want to cross swords with.
With overwhelming force and the fear it inspires, she rules over all that she surveys as the Demon Queen's right-hand woman.
But for today, her work is over. She returns to the living quarters, and a thrill of terror—surprisingly fails to run through anyone.
"Man, what a day. I'm beat. Kazuto! Drinks!" "Kazuto! Shoulder rub!" "Kazuto! Tell me something funny!"
After all, in private, her reign of terror has only one victim: the human in charge of the place. Though some might sympathize, no one is stupid enough to interfere.
Today, like every day, the elder ogre sister lords it over her chosen subject. Have YOU got a problem with that?

"I'm gonna whip you all into shape. LINE UP!”"

Voice: Sanma Aji
TYPE: Demonfolk (Ogre) / JOB: Sister-sitter (Archer)
The unstoppable second half of the one-two combo that is the Ogre Sisters. A peerless archer. The one person in the dungeon with any common sense...?!
Shuuran may be known by many names, but of all her myriad guises and duties, none is more important to her than her role as her sister's keeper.
"How about a drink, my sister?" "Sister, allow me to give you a back rub." "A funny thing happened to me today, Sister."
Some theorize that her very overprotectiveness is what rendered her sister so reckless and unrestrained, but that theory doesn't bother Shuuran.
Her sister is happy, after all—and if Shunran is happy, then her little sister is happy as well. She has some sympathy for the human Shunran has grown fond of, but sees him as a necessary sacrifice.
In this way, she's as selfish as Shunran herself.

"Let me start by apologizing for my sister."

Voice: Kazane
TYPE: Human / JOB: Hero (Adventurer)
Even in this demon-queenless age, a hero has still risen to... hold down the fort. Renfa, a hero with no great foe to slay, has instead made a career as an adventurer.
Just one woman, fighting monsters with her friends, coping with a hopeless manga addiction.
It isn't the glorious battle like her ancestors got, but it's a living. It's been a thousand years since the Demon Queen was around, so her family has had the time to get used to it.
Naturally, Renfa hasn't been slacking. Adventuring keeps her sword sharp and her muscles honed, just in case.
The manga situation is similar, actually. She's preparing, preparing a vast library of vicarious experience, just in case she ever needs to engage in romance herself.
Even as the Demon Queen's resurrection approaches, Renfa circulates through the comic shops of the land, hunting for the next addition to her fearsome arsenal of fandoms...

"As the hero, I cannot permit the Demon Queen to exist."

Voice: Minami Hokuto
TYPE: Human / JOB: Panda Rider (Adventurer)
This girl has the blood of a hero in her veins, but in her chest beats a heart that wants to be free! Of course, her big sister is the hero and she's a free spirit too, so nobody has raised any complaints in particular.
Shaoren rides astride her panda, going where she will. "Ooh, what's that over there? That looks fun," is usually all the motivation she needs. "Ooh, a new dungeon? Sweet! That looks so cool," is enough to keep her entertained, and entertainment is enough to keep her happy.
Will meeting Kazuto inspire a change in her...? No, probably not. She is who she is, and that's what makes her great.
That said, one does have to question what exactly is wrong with that “hero's bloodline.” If it's supposed to produce duty-bound champions of the light, it's not exactly working so great...

"I'm an adventurer, and you're not my mom!"

Voice: Ichigo Momoi
TYPE: Human / JOB: Odd Jobs (Adventurer) (Thief)
Minmei is the upstanding kind of thief, not the kind who goes around stealing stuff!
When you sign up at the Adventurer's Guild, you get a survey:
- Are you light-footed? (YES!)
- Do you have quick fingers? (YES!)
- Can you hide your presence? (YES!)
The results are in, and voila, you've been branded for life as a Thief!
Sounds unfair, right? But I got used to it! Minmei will say, or she would if you asked her, but you won't, because none of this matters.
When we introduce Minmei, it's not about the fluff text—it's about the furballs!
Minmei is an admirer, an acolyte, an aspiring apostle at the feet of her gods: Cats in general.
She fights for feline-kind! She grows cat ears sometimes, plus a tail! She dreams of building a cat-based theme park one day!
Cats have stolen her heart and maybe also the plot.

"I live by the grace of the felines!"

Voice: Hikaru Isshiki
TYPE: Human / JOB: Guild Staff (Adventurer)
Beneath the iron mask of justice, there burns a righteous heart! The savior of the weak, the bane of the wicked!
And behind the mask... lies the master of the local adventurer's guild!
With that said, she puts it on and takes it off as she pleases for effect, so it isn't as if it's meant as a disguise. It's just a little hobby of hers.
But can this ally of justice allow a fellow human to run around managing a dungeon? No, no, no! Hobby or not, she could never permit it!
Shishun comes before Kazuto as an avenger, the long arm of the law come to judge his crimes. Unfortunately, she comes before Shuuran too... so that's not going too well for her.
It's a knock-down, drag-out brawl for the ages! Shishun's heart of justice versus Kazuto's love of the dungeon! Whose burning passion will prevail?!

"The demonfolk are ALWAYS up to something! "

Voice: ー
TYPE: Human / JOB: Dungeon Manager (Adventurer)
A middle-of-the-road adventurer; not a beginner, but no expert either.
He earns enough to get by and makes mistakes, but not fatal ones. Moderation is his byword.
He wants to keep adventuring, but the world demands something else of him.
It wants him to fulfill his real, secret dream. His true desire—

"Whatever I do, I'll do my best at. Even if it's reviving the Demon Queen. "

Title: Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain
OS: Windows
Players: Single-Player
Developer: Karin Project
Publisher: Shiravune
Languages: English, Traditional Chinese
24.99 USD

* Steam prices may vary based on regional pricing.
* Steam discount: 20% OFF for 2 weeks after launch!

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