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Kodansha Creators' Lab Unveils Two New Titles, Content Updates, Sales at INDIE Live Expo 2024

TOKYO — May 28th, 2024Kodansha Creators' Lab, the indie game publishing arm of entertainment company Kodansha Ltd., stood out at INDIE Live Expo 2024 with two new reveals: horror adventure game BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA, and tactical action strategy game BURGGEIST.

Additionally, Kodansha's narrative adventure In His Time announces its launch onto Nintendo Switch, and the co-op-only platformer BOKURA celebrates its 500,000th download with a commemorative trailer and 40%-off sale.

BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA

The horror adventure from developer, musician, and VTuber Ichimatsu Suzuka bring a spine-chilling, nostalgic Japanese horror adventure to PC via Steam in 2024.

College student Garasu Yuki's life turns upside down when a mysterious monster interrupts her nightly walk with her dog Chocolat. Chocolat bolts away from Yuki out of fear, leaving paw prints toward the bizarre Utaga mountain foothills. Embark on a nightmarish rescue mission revealing the hidden, gruesome underbelly of Yuki's hometown.

Streaming Trailer


The action strategy game developed by GHRIAN STUDIO brings larger-than-life combat to PC via Steam in 2024.

A war general's supernatural encounter leads to the construction of an impossibly tall tower, which can only be completed with the help of the BURGGEIST - a colossal, destructive entity. In an equal parts action-meets-strategy experience, search for resources while navigating the undulating terrain of ALIKSAN alongside the BURGGEIST, placing both offensive and defensive structures on its back to provide tactical advantages in battle. Scan the battlefield, search for perfect positioning, then before unleash attacks and abilities, in fast-paced combat where quick decision-making is key to survival.

Streaming Trailer

In His Time

The narrative puzzle platformer by Christian game developer Tearyhand Studios is now available on Nintendo Switch for $5.99, and is available on Steam with a limited-time 30% discount.

Shoulder a big burden as little Ollie, a young boy facing a broken home, unhappy teachers, and schoolyard bullies. After succumbing to peer pressure and stealing parts of a precious watch, right Ollie's wrongs on an adventure to return the stolen items. Push his friends toward virtue through a series of mini-games and puzzles on a narrative journey of faith, reconciliation, responsibility, and discovery.

Streaming Trailer


The roguelike dungeon crawler developed by MONO ENTERTAINMENT saw a permanent price reduction, now available on Steam for $4.49. Enjoy an additional 30% discount for a limited time on PC, and take advantage of mobile discounts on iOS and Android.

Venture deep into the ever-changing Forbidden Mines to recover the stolen IGNISTONE! Select from dozens of swords, don up to eight stat-boosting amulets, and parry through a randomly generated path full of challenging enemies, rare items, and surprises. Every 10th floor, decide between returning to the surface with hard-earned XP and fresh loot, or delve deeper in search of the stolen monolith guarded by even stronger enemies.

Streaming Trailer


The reality-bending co-op-only puzzle adventure celebrates its 500,000th download with a new commemorative trailer and a limited-time 40% discount.

Run away from home with a friend in a collaborative journey requiring two players. See the world from different perspectives while inhabiting the same space, and communicate via voice chat to solve mind-bending puzzles that appear differently on each screen. Talk through pivotal decisions and devise a path forward in a conversational journey lived as much as it is played. Unfold branching narrative with multiple endings with no “correct” decisions to make; all that matters is the agreed-upon direction between friends.

Streaming Trailer

“We are truly honored to see our creators thrive within our studios,” says Yuki Katayama, director of Kodansha Game Creators' Lab. “Our mission is to give deserving indie developers the support they need in order to achieve greatness, and we are very grateful for INDIE Live Expo for giving us a way to support the indies at an even larger scale.”

About Kodansha Game Creator's Lab

Established in 2021, Kodansha Game Creator's Lab is the fourth department of the prestigious entertainment publishing company Kodansha Ltd., founded in 1909. Its motto is “Everything for the creator,” reflecting the company's goal to support young talents and introduce indie creators to the wider public.

To learn more about Kodansha Game Creators' Lab, visit their official website.

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