Blue Submarine #6

DVD 1 - Blues

Blue Submarine #6 DVD 1 - Blues
Blue Submarine #6 (Aono roku go) has been highly anticipated by anyone who reads Newtype Magazine -- and looking at screenshots, the reasons are fairly obvious. The computer artwork rivals the renderings of companies like Squaresoft and Namco. Too bad the plot can't compete.

In the near future, global warming has finally melted the polar ice caps, resulting in the flooding of all land residing at sea level. The new off-shoot of the human race, the sea-dwelling Zorndyke, are locked in a fierce war with the land-dwelling humans. The last hope of the humans is one submarine, Blue #6.

Young pilot Mayumi is sent to ask Tetsu Hayami, a former pilot turned druggie salvager, to come back to the fleet--a request that he turns down in the rudest, most incoherant way possible. She's not too thrilled with the guy, but when they meet again in the heat of battle, she's surprised to see him working alongside them... and even more surprised to see his humanitarian side.

Visually, Blue Submarine #6 is striking, offering CG work that puts most feature films to shame. Oceanscapes are beautifully rendered, aircraft looks extremely realistic, and the underwater fighting is simply breathtaking... but that's not the whole anime, regrettably.

The characters, although nicely designed, are sparsely drawn and shaded, and there is absolutely no personality to them whatsoever. In fact, a majority of the time is spent on the battle, which is rather sloppily told and really can't be followed at all. The result is fairly mindless, and, despite the action sequences, rather boring.

At only one episode per tape, and with a plot taken 60% from Waterworld (although, mercifully, there is no Kevin Costner here), Blue Submarine #6 can't be considered a good buy by any stretch of the imagination. It's really just eye candy...
Production Info:
Overall (sub) : C
Animation : A

+ Possibly the best CG artwork in any anime yet
Poor storytelling. Slightly boring. Ungodly expensive for a US release

Director: Mahiro Maeda
Script: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Mahiro Maeda
Kazuya Tsurumaki
Unit Director:
Koichi Chigira
Kazuki Tsunoda
Original Manga: Satoru Ozawa
Original Character Design:
Takuhito Kusanagi
Range Murata
Character Design:
Kouichi Arai
Takeshi Honda
Range Murata
Toshiharu Murata
Art Director: Masanori Kikuchi
Satoshi Matsuoka
Kiyomi Tanaka
Junichi Taniguchi
Animation Director:
Kouichi Arai
Takeshi Honda
Toshiyuki Inoue
Yoshio Mizumura
Toshiharu Murata
Yasuhiro Seo
Mechanical design:
Kanetake Ebikawa
Shoji Kawamori
Seiji Kio
Takuhito Kusanagi
Mahiro Maeda
Range Murata
Ikuto Yamashita
Art design:
Koichi Chigira
Masanori Kikuchi
Osamu Kobayashi
Mahiro Maeda
Kiyomi Tanaka
3D Director: Akira Suzuki
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Executive producer:
Shouji Murahama
Fuminori Shishido
Shigeru Watanabe
Tsunetoshi Koike
Shinji Nakashima
Kiyoshi Sugiyama
Yutaka Yano

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