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by Gabriella Ekens,

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Last week, Fuuka decided to go solo. Following that dramatic turn of events, The Fallen Moon decides that it's not worth it to keep up their endeavor without her. So the band has broken up, everyone's sad, and there are only two episodes left to put everything back together. Of course, all this is mostly resolved in one episode, because why on Earth does this show need any conflict? Fuuka herself hasn't come back yet, but it's only a matter of time now that Yuu has broken up with Koyuki. That's right - after half a season dedicated to her pining, followed by her finally getting the guy, she loses him in the lamest one-scene rejection, where he finally decides that he's not able to reciprocate her feelings. So that's the end of that, I guess. At least they're still friends?

Rather than Yuu and Fuuka's romance, the show's main priority seems to have been the story of Koyuki's pining and rejection. It's actually not that bad in terms of how the characters behave in their situation. They're all decent to each other and fairly mature. Koyuki backs off on her seduction tactics when Yuu rebuffs her, and they resolve to remain friends afterwards. I've seen these sorts of stories turn into hilarious trash fires when the characters are made to behave poorly (for example, School Days), and Fuuka has dodged that bullet - although I may have preferred that to the show as it is. It's just so boring. This may be the most blandly mediocre show I've ever covered, lacking even the ecchi hook found in something like Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun. Its primary appeal is probably the low-key tragedy porn of Koyuki's sadness. For as small as it is, that's still the most distinctive part of the show, even if it doesn't amount to much in the end.

Besides all this, there's also the requisite two minutes devoted to the other bandmates, this time focusing on how all of them change their minds and decide to stick with the band. Mikasa's sister tells him not to give up on his dreams, so he doesn't. Remember that he'd previously been disowned for joining the band, so he's facing the most serious consequences for this choice. Nachi blames Yuu for the band's break-up (for some reason) and recommits himself to track. Iwami considers joining another band. In the end, they're all convinced to rejoin when Yuu pens a song and declares that he'll win back Fuuka.

So yeah, following the decision to revise the manga's egregiously melodramatic storyline, it's been smooth sailing for Fuuka – albeit through the seas of bland competence. I don't expect much out of the finale, but at least they might perform a song other than the two that they've repeated throughout every concert scene.

Grade: B-

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