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Episode 4

by Theron Martin,

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Last week left off with Tanya going to speak to Ains out in the park, away from class. This episode reveals that their conversation mostly goes as expected: Tanya accuses Ains of being the Being X who plagues her. It's no surprise that this conversation would eventually lead to them figuring out that they've both been transported from modern Japan into their current identities. That doesn't make Tanya's reaction to the revelation any less amusing, and the “war” of intimidation between easily the two most intimidating characters in this crossover was a neat bonus. So is the kinship that seems to be developing between them, just like the one between Albedo and Rem (that won't get old anytime soon) that seems to be having a effect on Tanya, as noted by von Rerugen-sensei.(1)

The other star scene of this episode is between Konosuba's Kazuma and Re: Zero's Subaru, a meeting of the minds that makes too much sense. They have two excellent exchanges, and the rapport between them as they're being carried to school by their respective ladies is maybe the episode's funniest moment. Their later conversation on the roof further shows how strong the parallels are between them; both are central to their teams but neither is among its strongest members, so they both get a lot of grief for it. Since Subaru's situation sounds a lot better on paper than Kazuma's, this also provides more of Kazuma's signature mortified reaction to ridiculous or embarrassing situations.

I can also appreciate the ongoing effort to give screentime to tertiary characters. I believe the classroom scene in the middle of the episode is the first time that Cocytus(2) has had anything to do in this series. While seeing him try to comprehend that he may have to bow to an authority other than Ains (namely the teachers) isn't exactly funny on its own, it still contributes to the overall joke about how even monsters who can single-handedly decimate armies of lizard men still have to respect the authority of the teachers. Ram (the pink-haired girl) and Demiurge (the demonic guy) also get a couple of lines. Conspicuously absent this time is the eyepatch-sporting Megumin, who's contributed very little to the Konosuba team group discussions. Since most other characters have had a turn so far, hers must be coming up soon; my bet is that she will be one of the “performers” at the upcoming talent festival, as that would suit her magic well.

That talent show is the only real plot thread the series has to follow right now, but as long as it keeps doing what it's done so far, then the series should continue to be entertaining. Even the musical score support has been strong, and for a parody show like this, that's just the icing on the cake.

  1. Tanya almost never smiles normally; when she does smile, it's usually a wicked grin.
  2. This buglike humanoid monster is one of the Floor Guardians in Overlord's Great Tomb of Nazarick. He is a combat specialist.


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