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Last Exile

DVD 1: First Move + Artbox + Limited Extra

Last Exile DVD 1
Claus and Lavi have made an easy life for themselves using the one thing their fathers left them, an old rundown vanship. With the love of flight in mind, they take various missions as couriers to make their way in the world. Little do they realize how much their world is about to change when a chance encounter with the legendary Silvana opens the door to a life they never could have imagined. Now, with a mysterious young girl dropped in their laps, they must make their way to that legendary battleship!
Celebrating ten years of excellence, GONZO has created another masterpiece that utilizies all of their experience to once again break new ground. Last Exile, a full length TV series, comes to life with obvious inspiration in some classic science fiction. Doing what GONZO does best, Last Exile is filled with breathtaking scenery, non-stop action and intriguing characters that will keep even the most casual anime fans glued to the edge of their seats.

Geneon (formarly Pioneer) gives this particular tenth anniversary series the star treatment. The first DVD is packed with content, starting with the first four episodes of the series presented in anamorphic widescreen. The standalone DVD also comes with textless opening, the original Japanese opening, a promotional trailer, a staff interview with Mahiro Maeda (one of the animation character and production designers) and an art gallery. For that extra special treatment, fans can also pick up the special box set version which comes with a beautiful box to hold the entire series, a mouse pad and a figurine of one of the central characters. Topping it all off is a special chromatic coating to give the DVD that special feel that a fine series like Last Exile deserves.

While GONZO is known more for their integration of CGI into regular animation, they've also made quite a name for themselves with some unique tales. Of course, with Last Exile, you are drawn to the vivid world GONZO paints first. The world of Last Exile looks like it stepped right out of a Michael Moorcock Eternal Champion novel. Much like the Nomad of Time, the characters wander around a world filled with mighty airships dealing with the troubles of a world still bogged down with a dramatic difference between noblemen and the common people. Continuing the contrast amongst the characters is the costuming that is very European in feel. Daring to push the limits of their experience, GONZO continues to integrate CGI vessels and settings in with their regular animation. With careful observation, it's easy to spot the two different formats, but their integration together is very smooth. Dealing with more real world constraints, GONZO manages to sneak in these beautiful effects for spectacular results.

Not to be outdone by the spectacular visuals, the soundtrack also contributes its fair share to the unique flavor of Last Exile. Sticking with the European theme, the majority of the music sounds fresh from the European continent. Relying on simple folklore'esque themes, the music builds with the action on the screen, helping to accentuate the story. While emphasis is on the old world feel, the music still manages to to reflect a more modern sound. Working well within the boundaries of the music score are the two casts; English and Japanese. The English side of things is being handled by the folks of Bang Zoom, with Eric Sherman directing. With a strong range of characters, it's not surprising that some of the better known names of the California voice-acting scene are present for this track. Taking on the lead roles are Johnny Yong Bosch as Claus and Kari Wahlgren as lavi. Handling the role of the enigmatic Alex Row is Crispin Freeman. Michelle Ruff handles double duty as Alvis and Tatiana Wilsa. With only four episodes on this disc, each actor is slowly getting into their character. Last Exile is a tale with many twists and turns, and this experienced cast should excel in its delivery, despite the challenges that teh series will present.

Last Exile seems to borrow from the best of classic literature. Many of its core elements can be seen in some of the best of classic and modern science fiction. Not resting solely on this foundation, Last Exile begins to weave a strong tale that leaves viewers waiting in anticipation for each episode. Viewers are presented with a strong cast of characters and plenty of mystery leading to a nice mix of suspense. Unlike many of their earlier works, GONZO has spent a lot of time developing the world of Last Exile and has created a wonderful script to move things along.

As is typical for most series, these early episodes serve as an introduction to the main characters of the story. Viewers are teased with Silvana and its enigmatic captain, and then are seemingly thrown to a completely different story featuring Claus and lavi. Starting from these two very different viewpoints goes a long way towards explaining the world these characters inhabit and how different the world is for the aristocracy and the common people. All of this build up creates a story with plenty of depth to spare.

Last Exile is a beautiful adventure waiting to be explored. Its lavish scenery, dramatic settings and intricate aerial designs are simply the icing on the cake of the solid story that lies at its core. Those who have been looking for something different than the average sci-fi tale can find a whole new world to explore in Last Exile. While the main plot is only being hinted at, the stories presented in these early episodes are more than enough to entertain the masses. With its stunning animation and artwork and a steller cast at the helm, Last Exile is a must-have for all anime fans.
Overall (dub) : A
Overall (sub) : A
Story : A
Animation : A
Art : A
Music : A

+ A visual masterpiece with the story to back it up
Slow main plot development, with an emphasis on the main characters

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Production Info:
Director: Koichi Chigira
Koichi Chigira
Shuichi Kamiyama
Atsuhiro Tomioka
Tomohiro Yamashita
Katsuhito Akiyama
Ei Aoki
Koichi Chigira
Toshiaki Hontani
Mitsuko Kase
Mahiro Maeda
Shin Matsuo
Hiroyuki Ochi
Nobutoshi Ogura
Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Tomihiko Ohkubo
Jun'ichi Sakata
Keiichi Sasashima
Kiyoko Sayama
Masahiro Sekino
Kanji Wakabayashi
Yoshitomo Yonetani
Toru Yoshida
Dolce Triade
Hitomi Kuroishi
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Animation Director:
Eiji Abiko
Futoshi Fujikawa
Shuichi Hara
Hironori Hisashima
Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Osamu Horiuchi
Yuji Hosogoe
Koji Houri
Kanetoshi Kamimoto
Toushio Kobayashi
Minoru Murao
Jun Nakai
Naoko Nakamoto
Hiromi Okazaki
Hiroyuki Okuno
Naoyuki Onda
Eri Sano
Takako Shimizu
Yasushi Shingou
Yuichi Tanaka
Moriyasu Taniguchi
Norimoto Tokura
Fumiko Ueda
Animation Character Design:
Osamu Horiuchi
Minoru Murao
Yuichi Tanaka
Character Conceptual Design: Range Murata
3D Director: Yasufumi Soejima
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Hiroyuki Birukawa
Takashi Imamoto
Shinji Nakashima
Hiroyuki Orukawa

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