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Sound Decision
Gunparade March

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: Gunparade March - Spirit of Samurai
Artist: Kenji Kawai
Label: Geneon Anime Music

Release Date: 2004-05-11
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


More than just another sci-fi anime glamorizing giant robots, 'Gunparade March' focuses on strong character-driven storylines and utilizes an equally strong and thrilling music score provided by the 'Gunparade March Original Soundtrack.'

Famed composer Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor WXIII the Movie, Blue Seed, Maison Ikkoku, Avalon, Ringu) draws from his wide range of instrumental versatility to skillfully create 34 tracks of high-quality, exhilarating music and vocals. Featuring 32 instrumentals and two songs, including the opening theme, 'Door of Truth' sung by fan-favorite performer Yoko Ishida (Ai Yori Aoshi, Sugar, Texhnolyze) and the closing theme, 'Beyond the Darkness.'

Track list:

The Door of Truth - TV edition
The Singing Voice of Ruins
Marching onward to Hope
The Season of Happiness
The Strained March
The Samurai Spirit of the Final Battle
The Peaceful Sunny Spot
Stairs to the Future
Sullen Gaze
Noisy Footsteps
Fatigued Steps
Lemon Colored Twilight
Deep Anxiety
Reverberating Blast
Embarkation to the Battle
Brief Repose
Shibamura / A Glorious History
Open Fire
Light Afternoon
Goddess of Victory
Wailing from the Darkness
A Sign of Melancholy
A Timid Kitten
Wandering Air
Sleepless Night
Color of Sound at Ease
Strained Thread
The Phantom of an Enemy's Shadow
Flying Dust
The Noble Unit
An Eternal Prayer
A Renewed Marching Song
The Door to Tomorrow
Beyond the Darkness - TV edition

Total time: 0:52:15

(Added on 2004-05-05)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of May 6th, 2003.

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